HuffPo Live Gloomy Over ‘Shortage’ of Abortionists

July 9th, 2013 8:58 AM

Abortionists are going gray and there could be a “women’s health” crisis unless younger docs learn the baby-killing trade. That was the attitude of a HuffPo Live panel on Monday afternoon, complaining that younger generations of doctors don’t get oodles of abortion training.

Accusing medical schools of failing to provide sufficient abortion training for medical students, host Ricky Camilleri lamented that in Toledo “students will now have to travel an hour away to learn the common medical procedure,” and claimed that “this politicizing” might “create a shortage of doctors.”

The panelists all talked of the need to train a new generation of doctors with expertise at killing pre-born babies to replace the “graying” abortionists, and spoke darkly of medical schools that don’t spend more than an hour teaching abortion to their students.

Among the list of those the panel blamed for a decline in abortionists were: Republicans, conservatives, conservatives, and Republicans. And conservatives.

Dr. Philip Darney said the “problem is political polarization,” and, of course, Republicans. “I think its Republican politicians who are the hazard to women’s health in the United States.”

Camilleri agreed and lamented the “political polarization” or the “politicization of abortion.” Camilleri ominously mentioned “external threats” in states where abortion is “losing funding,” and that got Darney all upset. “We need some changes there in order to make sure women all around the country … have access to safe abortion,” he insisted.

Darney declared that funding was a “really an important issue,” and fretted “that state legislatures which were Republican controlled, [with] Republican governors,” would “punish” medical schools and women “by restricting access to family planning.”

Dr. Rachel Rapkin whined that medical students train more for oncology than abortion. Obviously, for Rapkin, who “vowed to become a trainer of abortion providers,” killing infants in the womb was high on her agenda:  “What we’re doing is based on good evidence … it is a safe procedure, that it does not have long-lasting harmful impacts,” she claimed. (Guess she didn’t hear about the mountain of evidence to the contrary and the link between abortion and higher rates of breast cancer.)

Camilleri, meanwhile, complained about the “socio-political environment” that “discourages” doctors from training as abortionists and decried conservatives who don’t like murdering infants. “How are your students not afraid to promote these things in more conservative environments?” he asked, “ ... We see images all the time of people with signs outside of clinics, and throwing things, and it’s a hostile climate, and you have to be very brave to sort of combat a conservative environment, especially in regards to topics like abortion, which is easily one of the most polarizing topics in environments like that.”

Maybe he missed out on the screaming, hostile mob of pro-abortion activists in Texas a couple weeks ago.

Dr. Nancy Stanwood hailed “wonderful, safe providers of abortion” and warned about “restrictions” that inhibit abortionists. “It’s a matter of normalizing this,” she declared.

Camilleri finished off with a parting shot at the pro-life movement: “Conservatives and people fighting abortion are trying to make it ... so that Roe v Wade is basically gonna be moot,” he pouted.

And at HuffPo, anything that interferes with an abortion-on-demand culture is unacceptable.  After all, it’s not the first time HuffPo contributors have over-reacted when any possible threat looms over their sacred cause of baby-killing. Did we mention there were no pro-lifers on the panel?