Editor’s Pick: RedState on MSNBC Ratings Plummet, Maddow Absence

May 3rd, 2022 2:14 PM

On Monday, RedState’s Bob Hoge reported: “MSNBC ratings continue to crater as its most popular host, Rachel Maddow, now only appears on Mondays, despite reportedly signing a massive $30 million a year contract.” He noted that while the mostly-absent left-wing host “presumably relaxes at home, MSNBC still calls the 9 pm time slot ‘The Rachel Maddow Show,’ but it’s fill-in hosts such as Ali Velshi and Ayman Mohyeldin sitting behind the desk.”

“We wait with bated breath. Meanwhile, her show’s ratings have been in freefall according to competitor Fox News,” Hoge pointed out, before highlighting that “Joy Reid has been enduring a similar fate.” He later observed: “The future of MSNBC looks bleak. With CNN+ crashing and burning in recent weeks, it appears that the appetite for liberal cable news outlets is waning among the public.”

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