Biden Stooges on ABC & NBC Deliver Dem Press Releases

July 20th, 2020 1:01 PM

On Monday, the Democratic Party hacks at NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America aired nearly identical reports trashing President Trump’s Fox News Sunday interview, with each broadcast wrapping up their respective partisan hit jobs by reciting Biden campaign propaganda.

“Now, according to our latest poll, Biden now has a 15-point lead nationally and a 20-point edge when it comes to trust in handling this pandemic,” correspondent Mary Bruce excitedly announced on ABC’s GMA. She then cheered Biden’s arrogance and touted him promising to remove “trespasser” Trump from the White House:



Now, looking ahead, the President wouldn’t say whether he will accept the results of the election in November. The Biden campaign was quick to respond to that, saying, quote, they are “perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

That was the only mention of the Biden campaign in the segment. There was no attempt to provide critical analysis of the Democrat’s plans to address the pandemic, to the extent that he actually has any.

On NBC’s Today, correspondent Kristen Welker began her report by declaring: “With COVID cases on the rise all across the country, the pressure is intensifying on President Trump. Yet another round of polls show he is trailing Joe Biden.”

As she wrapped up her hammering of the President, Welker made sure to match ABC’s eagerness in reading Biden campaign press releases:

Joe Biden, who is leading President Trump by double digits in a new ABC News poll, responded to the President’s interview, Sunday, saying in a statement, “Your ignorance isn’t a virtue or a sign of your strength – it’s undercutting our response to this unprecedented crisis at every turn and it’s costing Americans their jobs and their lives.”

Again, what exactly is Biden’s plan? NBC decided that was not important. Like ABC, they didn’t want to let actual reporting to get in the way of their pro-Democrat agenda.

It’s not like there were no Biden controversies to cover. Just last week, the hapless presumptive Democratic nominee quoted brutal Communist dictator Mao Zedong during a campaign speech – a man responsible for the deaths of millions.

Perhaps if networks like NBC and ABC weren’t so obsessed with getting a Republican president thrown out of office and replaced with a Democrat in the pocket of the radical left, so-called “reporters” would at least pretend to care about the truth.

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