AP Quotes Teen Who Understands Why Someone Would Want to 'Punch' or 'Spit on' Slain Pro-Life Activist

September 14th, 2009 2:05 PM

An overlooked quote by a Michigan teenager picked up by the Associated Press regarding the murder of pro-life activist James Pouillon illustrates why many in the media are ignoring this story.:

Later on Friday students outside the high school said Pouillon was a fixture there and regularly held graphic signs of aborted fetuses.

"I can see someone spitting on him or punching him, but shooting him is pretty stupid," said 16-year-old Curtis Wisterman.

Pro-life activists regularly disagree on the techniques and actions that are used to show their opposition towards abortion, but when a young individual appears to be taught by others, who likely know better, that pro-lifers are subhuman and deserve whatever violence comes their way, that is troublesome.

The general media silence on this story implies there are two classes of individuals in the abortion debate.  When violence befalls a well known abortionist, the media reaction will be that of outrage and bewilderment.  On the other hand, media reaction to a pro-life activist's murder only raises eyebrows and lame excuses when the story gets a link on the highly trafficked Drudge Report.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) was bothered by the media's double standard on this story and told the Washington Times, :

If someone dedicates their lives to profiting from the murder of innocent and unborn children and they are murdered for it, they are held as a hero to the world, but if someone dedicates their lives to protecting the innocent unborn, and they are murdered, then they are forgotten by the media.  Now the reality is both of those murders were tragic and beyond the scope of human justice.  It remains that the media has a double standard here that is inexplicable.

With such a non-reaction from the media,  is it such a surprise that a high school teen ager "can see" why someone would want to "punch" or "spit on" the murdered Mr. Pouillon?

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