Chertoff Includes 'Right Wing Nut' Driven By Racism Scenario As Threat During Inauguration

December 21st, 2008 8:56 PM

Maybe Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is looking for work in the new Obama administration? Could that have explained the cheap shot he hurled at conservatives when he discussed inauguration day security with Fox News this weekend?

CHERTOFF: We’re also looking at the possibility of a lone wolf and that doesn’t have to necessarily be a terrorist from Al Qaeda. It can be a right wing, you know, crazy nut who decides that they… because of racism or for some other reason they want to carry out an attack.

Talk about sinking the knife right in there. It is not so much that Chertoff is discussing a lone wolf scenario coming from within during the inauguration in January, but does he feel it is necessary to point out that the racism will come from the “right wing?”

Before Chertoff starts endearing himself to lefties, he should be reminded liberals never liked his appointment to begin with. In January 2005, The Daily Kos wrote an entry titled “Michael Chertoff is the worst man in the world to be our Homeland Security Director”

Besides, President Elect Obama already appointed Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, so the likelihood of another Bush official in Obama’s administration is pretty slim. Chertoff will have to chuck at least two shoes at President Bush in order to find any work in the new administration, because pulling the old “right wingers are a bunch of racists,” may not be enough.