Actor Dean Cain Slams Obama Foreign Policy, Benghazi Coverup

May 12th, 2014 4:32 PM

Actor Dean Cain, best known for his title role in the 1990s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, recently sat down with Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics for an interview in RCP's Changing Lanes web series.

Among other things, Cain talked about his political leanings -- socially liberal but conservative on foreign, military, and economic policies -- as well as his disagreements with the Obama administration. "A president's job is supposed to be to enforce our laws, which, it seems to have gone by the wayside at this point in time," Cain observed. After Bevan asked what Cain's biggest "gripe" was with the Obama administration, the actor replied [emphasis mine; watch video below page break]:

Well, I have a real problem with foreign policy. I think we've been looking weak, and the Benghazi scandal thing, for me, has been a horrible situation. I have too many friends who are Navy SEALs and too many friends who are vets.... It's just horrific to me, and then to have an administration whitewash it -- and that's exactly what happened -- and they can call it whatever they want to, but, um, those new emails that came out, it's a nice little bit of quote "smoking gun" if you will, I just think it's not a surprise to me, it's just that I'm glad it's finally getting out there.


In another part of the interview, included in a separate segment, Cain discussed what it's like to be a conservative in Hollywood, denying that he's ever suffered on the job for his politics and adding that Hollywood has a lot more conservatives than you'd think:

BEVAN: Are there more right-leaning folks in Hollywood than folks are led to believe? Is there a more diverse community --

CAIN: There's a more diverse community

BEVAN: It is?

CAIN: Yeah, it is. But I'd say it's overwhelmingly very liberal, and that's fine. And I even said that to Stuart Varney the other day on Fox. I said, it's great that these people have ideas, and the ideas are great, and they're unicorns and rainbows, and it's fantastic, but making that happen, you know. It's great to believe in an ideal but, the reality of it is that it's not possible or not functional.

I'm not a socialist by any means. You know, I'm all about free-market, I'm all about free enterprise, I'm about people taking personal responsibility, and that's not what we seem to be peddling these days.


CAIN: The day that Meg Whitman [lost the governor's race]... in California, when Jerry Brown won, Rick Perry was on the phone with the business leaders ripping their businesses out of California right to Texas. Well, I liked that. I hated it for California, but I love the idea this is someone who is pro-business, and that's going to help everybody...