NBCNews.com Omits Democrat-turned-Republican Artur Davis from List of 'Notable' Speeches at RNC

August 29th, 2012 10:42 AM

Most Americans don't watch the coverage of party nominating conventions, and everyone in the media knows it. So as a public service,  "NBC Politics team has curated some of the notable speeches from the first night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa," according to a late night August 28 post on NBCNews.com website.

While NBC has the resources to embed videos of EVERY speech from last night, it decided to judge which ones were "notable." Wouldn't you know it, the speech of Artur Davis -- the former Democratic congressman from Alabama who seconded Barack Obama's nomination for the presidency at the Democratic convention in 2008 -- was not included in the list.

NewsBusters will be keen on seeing if the speech to be delivered next week by Republican turncoat Charlie Crist at the Democratic convention will be deemed "notable" by the folks at NBC News. I wouldn't put my money on it not being hailed as such.