Full Disclosure Fail: WaPo Writer Gushes Glories of 'Guerrilla Queer Bar'

April 6th, 2009 11:28 AM

NewsBusters.org | Washington Post's Monica Hesse depicted second from leftAll parties, no matter how rip-roaringly fun, must eventually come to an end. Hardly any of them get a newspaper obituary. But Washington Post's Monica Hesse was on hand to offer a parting toast to the "Guerrilla Queer Bar", wherein gay and lesbian revelers would "invade" a "straight bar" to dance and drink the night away, all in the name of promoting "tolerance" of alternative lifestyles.

Alas, lamented Hesse in her April 6 story, "[a]fter five years, 43 bars, 48 events, and at least one instance of a guy whipping his shirt off and gyrating to Madonna in front of confused Georgetown University parents, it was time for a beloved gay and lesbian institution to end."

What Hesse failed to mention anywhere in her 23-paragraph article is her previous attendance at said "guerrilla" events, conducted in a non-journalistic capacity. Hesse is second-from-left in the picture above, taken at one such bar outing from 2004, and included in a Post story by Fritz Hahn.