Olbermann Makes Light of Resurrection of Christ

January 25th, 2008 1:37 PM

Ten days after ESPN sportscaster Dana Jacobson's "F*** Jesus" outburst, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann made a dopey crack that made light of the Christian belief that Jesus was resurrected in an immortal body from the dead.

The remark came at the end of his "World's Best Persons" feature on the January 21 program as Olbermann relayed the story of one Feliberto Carrasco of Chile, who awoke from an apparently deep slumber in a casket at a wake being held for the presumed-to-be-dead elderly gentleman.

Quipped Olbermann as he eased into a commercial break, "So do I have the etiquette correct here, does Mr. Carrasco get his own religion now, or what happens? Is there a vote?"

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To be fair, Olbermann's remark is, to my judgment, hardly incendiary, at least in comparison to Jacobson's rant, but it was dopey and lame, needlessly dismissive of the beliefs of many people in his own viewing audience.