Finds Oedipal Mother's Day Spoof a Laugh Riot

May 10th, 2007 4:18 PM

Every day around lunchtime, posts a humorous video as its "Funny Lunch" feature. The link stays on the site for a few hours at mid-day and can be found in the list of "Top Stories."

But today's video, Culture and Media Institute researcher Colleen Raezler noticed, was a gross-out spoof of diamond ads pegged to Mother's Day, which is this Sunday. Raezler informed me the link teased video for a "Mom's Day gem of a gift."

In a fake commercial spot for "Oedipus Diamonds," a young man is shown making out with an older woman as a narrator voices over his concern, disgust, and ultimate approval of a younger man's display of affection with a woman portraying his mother.

The video, entitled "Diamonds," was accessed here but the link will probably take you to a different video tomorrow. The video is permalinked here. A screenshot follows the transcript:

Woman: I love him no matter what!

Announcer: Of course you do, but don't you think that this is a bit much?

Man: No woman is more important.

Announcer: I can see how you feel that way but still there's no excuse for--

Man: I owe her my life.

Announcer: That may be true technically, but I don't, I--

Woman: He'll always be a part of me.

Announcer: Okay. This is just so wrong. So wrong it's right! Oedipus Diamonds. No matter what people say, it's the perfect gift for your mother on Mother's Day. You sick son of a b***ch!