NARAL President: Pro-Lifers, Tea Partiers Are ‘Lying and Cheating’

February 10th, 2014 5:11 PM

Remember when you could disagree with liberals and not get smeared as extreme and/or dishonest? Me neither. It’s how the left argues – especially about abortion.

During a Google+ hangout on Feb. 10, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue bashed the pro-life movement and the tea party for “lying and cheating” to pass legislation. She also asserted that the pro-life stance is “outside of the mainstream.” (Not according the polls). The “#ASKNARAL Pro-Choice Hangout” event featured other NARAL employees in addition to Hogue discussing “choice” and answering questions asked via Twitter.

When asked about the “all these attacks” on the pro-choice movement, Hogue responded:

The last three years have been particularly acute, what we’ve seen is that the anti-choice extremists have taken over state houses, they’ve redistricted so that they have an anti-choice extreme minority dominating our house in Congress and they’ve taken over the judicial branch so with the upsurge of the tea party in 2010, what we’re seeing is an attempt to pass anti-choice legislation from forty years is they’re kicking it into high gear. There’s no doubt about that. And part of how they do that is by lying and cheating. We say this all the time. Anti-choice legislators and candidates know that they’re outside of the mainstream. They know that the American public does not agree with them. So when they run for office, they don’t talk about these issues, right? They talk about jobs or the economy, but they steadfastly avoid their extreme positions on choice.

Story continues after video:

When speaking about pro-life politicians in her closing comments, she said, “These folks are actually not just anti-abortion, if they were anti-abortion, they would vote for maternal care and they would vote for contraception, and comprehensive sex-ed. What these people are is anti-anyone living their lives outside of what they decide is morally objectionable. That is un-American. And the more we surface that and hold them accountable for it, the more we win.”

Hogue also used the event to bash crisis pregnancy centers “who try and shame and lie to women who are in need of medical options and contraception or abortion.” She accused “These fake clinics” for “disproportionately preying on low income women and women of color.”

Ironic for the pro-choice side to claim. (Ironic too to be called names by someone with so much innocent blood on her hands.)

Sounds like everyday media speak – where fetus means death and networks hesitate to utter “life.”