Pot Calling the Kettle: Joy Behar Labels Sarah Palin an 'Airhead'

November 19th, 2008 2:34 PM

Sarah Palin is an airhead proclaims the very dim Joy Behar. The same "View" co-host who blames earthquakes on global warming and just the previous day could not define the term "suffrage," snidely said of Sarah Palin "we all know that the woman is an airhead." Behar then continued to label those Obama critics "unpatriotic" (this of course after she considered dissent in the Bush years "patriotic") [audio excerpt here]

Joy Behar’s comments were sparked by a discussion on recent "Newsweek" and "Time" covers comparing President-elect Obama to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt respectively. Elisabeth Hasselbeck felt it was premature to judge the Obama presidency before he is even inaugurated. Hasselbeck declared it was another example of the media "coddling" Barack Obama has they have done throughout the entire campaign.

The transcript follows.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: "The Washington Post" asks if the Obama legacy is being written before he even takes the oath of office. Now "Newsweek’s" cover pairs him with Lincoln. NBC News has a DVD titled "Yes We Can! The Barack Obama Story." "Time" magazine has him looking very much like FDR as I looked at Halloween.


JOY BEHAR: Right, you did.

GOLDBERG: Now, people are, are sort of upset about all of this.


ELISABETH HASSELBECK: I think they’re just saying, well- people are drawing a comparison, some think, a little too early. You know, when I think that with the DVD coming out, with the news, news, I mean, giant backing it, it makes you question are- and they’ve been questioning it throughout the election- are these news organizations and papers, et cetera, outlets, coddling Barack Obama? Are they- have they given him- if they’re coming out with these DVDs, did they have a vetted interest? And I think it just makes you question their take. And to say, oh you know, to make the draw between Obama and Lincoln right now, he hasn’t even stepped into office yet, is, some say, would say, presumptuous. And in terms of coddling we see, look, if Barack Obama the other day said he is as president-elect reading Lincoln to try to study up on what he, how he handled the country. You know, if Sarah Palin had said she was reading Lincoln, we’d say she was cramming. If Barack Obama does it, he’s a genius. Barack Obama says he wants to get Osama Bin Laden, he’s a hero.

BEHAR: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, it’s creative visualization as far as I’m concerned.

HASSELBECK: I understand that I’m an artist.

BEHAR: Sarah Palin says- we all know that the woman is an airhead, so let’s not even go there, okay? [applause] This guy has a brain! And can I say another thing? I think it’s very unpatriotic for a lot of people to put him down already before the guy has even had a chance.