CNN Unhappy BK Having Its Own Way on Immigrant Wages

April 10th, 2007 4:53 PM

"It is not easy being a tomato picker," declared Ali Velshi on CNN's "American Morning" April 10.

Velshi was "Minding Your Business" about McDonalds' agreement with a company representing immigrant farm workers. The deal is that Mickey D's will pay a penny more for every pound of Florida tomatoes and the extra cents will go directly to the workers.

But fast food royal Burger King was not treated kindly by Velshi and anchor Miles O'Brien. The CNN reporters criticized BK for not making the same agreement.

"Burger King has been approached about the same thing and their comment, which is the comment you get from any businesses, not our problem how our suppliers pay their workers," said Velshi.

O'Brien shot back: "Oh, you can't get away with that any more, can you?"

"Not in 2007. McDonald's has done the right thing on this one," concluded Velshi.

Velshi even claimed McDonald's patrons wouldn't eat the cost of the new agreement, but by the end of the segment agreed with O'Brien. "Eventually you'll pay for it."