Same Old, Same Old: CNN Keeps Ignoring Hunter Biden, But Still Promotes Every Trump Allegation

December 11th, 2020 3:10 PM

Remember when the liberal media claimed that they couldn’t discuss the Hunter Biden story because it was unverified and potentially foreign interference? Apparently CNN doesn't. Throughout the three hours of Friday’s New Day, the partisan journalists repeatedly harped on the litany of allegations and investigations against Donald Trump without so much as a mention of Hunter Biden.

Liberal hack and White House Correspondent John Harwood openly speculated the President could wind up in jail after leaving office: “There is also a chance that he could be facing criminal prosecution after he leaves office and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he could end up in jail.”

He prefaced the above statement with this nasty crack about Trump possibly dying: "Set aside that he is an overweight 74-year-old man." 

This is not even the same situation as when the media tried to actively influence the election by either censoring or downplaying negative Biden stories. Now, even with an open Justice Department investigation, they're still being more-than-loyal team players for the left and Team Biden. Predictably, they continued to harp on any and all Trump allegations.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota was happy to share all of those details, backed only by a New York Times report that was -- you guessed it -- based on anonymous sources. The leftist-aligned network was also happy to bring on political analyst and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in order to to rehash the entire story and to throw out wild attacks and theories.

Haberman was even quick to speculate that there could be more investigations: “Look John, as I said, this is the only known criminal activity. Tish James has been looking into activity related to President Trump's, I believe his tax filings, but also his -- related to his properties, but mostly related to his charity work. Or such as it was. It was, according to her, largely a front for him doing other things.”



After not one or two but three segments, Harwood decided to connect the story to Trump’s court battles: “What we know, Alisyn, is a little bit more about why the President appears to be so unsettled and unwilling to accept his election defeat because as a private citizen he is going to be a lot more vulnerable to what Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance is doing.”

Given that CNN was outright demanding that people stop talking about Hunter Biden because it couldn’t be “confirmed” it is outright hypocritical how quick they are to cheer over Trump allegations. Rather it is happy to participate in the media wide cover up of Hunter Biden, barely mentioning the scandal. All because it fits in with their own agenda.

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A transcript of the December 11th Coverage is included below:

New Day
7:18 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: We do have some breaking news right now. The New York Times is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney's office has recently interviewed employees of President Trump's bank, Deutsche Bank, in the latest indication that the President is still facing the potential threat of criminal charges once he leaves office. Joining us now is CNN political analyst, Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent at The New York Times. Maggie, tell us about this breaking news. What do we know? 

MAGGIE HABERMAN [CNN Political Analyst]: This is an indication that Cy Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, with the only known investigation into the President is stepping up his activity. What it leads to, we don't know yet, but it had not been clear for several months has he had been trying unsuccessfully to get President Trump's tax returns where it was going, this is an indication as the President is going to leave in the next couple of weeks, this investigation that he can't do anything to stop, is still going forward. 

JOHN BERMAN: When you say, can't do anything to stop, it is also worthy of note, this is a state investigation. He couldn't pardon himself. There's no federal power he has over this at all, correct? 

HABERMAN: Correct. Correct. There is nothing that he can do to keep this investigation from moving forward. Nothing. 

BERMAN: And this is a new twist on that. Before, Letitia James, what had been going on was largely civil actions. This is stepping up in the criminal realm, correct? 

HABERMAN: Correct. Look John, as I said, this is the only known criminal activity. Tish James has been looking into activity related to President Trump's, I believe his tax filings, but also his -- related to his properties, but mostly related to his charity work. Or such as it was. It was, according to her, largely a front for him doing other things. That was not a criminal investigation, at least not as of yet. This is only one that we know of. And we know, John, that this President has been very concerned as he leaves office about prosecutors going after not just him, but his family. Now, that conversation has largely been about federal investigations, potential federal investigations, that could come after he leaves office. And whether he could pardon his children with some kind of preemptive pardon. There's nothing he can do about the Cy Vance case. It is a state case, not a federal case, and it is going to go forward. With whatever way it goes forward. We don't know where it's going, but the fact that it has stepped up the activity is of note. 

CAMEROTA: And Maggie, do we know what at the heart of this investigation? Is this about the fudging of tax documents? 

HABERMAN: The fact that it relates to the Deutsche Bank interviews with staff members working for the company that lent him money suggested it is either related to his taxes or related to some sort of business activity. But I don't want to suggest that I can see more into that than we can. We know simply that it relates to the Trump organization. 


New Day
7:59 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Okay. Also, we have breaking news right now, The New York Times is reporting that the Manhattan district attorney's office has interviewed several employees of President Trump's bank and insurance broker in recent weeks. And this indicates that President Trump still faces potential threat of criminal charges once he leaves office. 


New Day
8:16 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Breaking news right now, The New York Times is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney's office has recently interviewed employees of President Trump's lender, Deutsche Bank, and the latest indication that the President is still facing the potential threat of criminal charges once he leaves office. CNN's John Harwood is live at the White House with the breaking details for us. So what do we know this morning, John? 

JOHN HARWOOD [CNN White House Correspondent]: What we know, Alisyn, is a little bit more about why the President appears to be so unsettled and unwilling to accept his election defeat because as a private citizen he is going to be a lot more vulnerable to what Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance is doing. Cyrus Vance recently The New York Times is reporting has interviewed employees of Deutsche Bank, the President's banker, Aon, his insurance brokerage, as part of a criminal investigation of the Trump organization. We don't know a lot of detail about this, but we've gotten outlines of what it may be about from Michael Cohen in his public testimony in which he has said before congress that President Trump had a pattern of lying about the value of his assets, inflating them, in order to either get good publicity or impress lenders, but lying on the down side, deflating them, for the purpose of avoiding taxes and this appears to be what Cy Vance is investigating. Cy Vance, remember, a state and local prosecution is beyond the reach of a Presidential pardon. So even if the President decides that he is going to pardon himself before leaving office, which is a legally dubious step, never been tried, he could not pardon himself from a state charge. This is in addition to the civil investigation that's under way by the New York Attorney General Letitia James. All of this, again, we do know not if Cy Vance is ultimately going to bring charges but I think this is one reason why all the talk about Trump potentially running in 2024 has gotten a little ahead of itself. Set aside that he is an overweight 74-year-old man. There is also a chance that he could be facing criminal prosecution after he leaves office and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he could end up in jail. 

JOHN BERMAN: So he's got that going for him this morning is what you're saying. John Harwood, thank you very much for that reporting. It is interesting. It gives you an insight into his state of mind as he prepares to leave office on January 20th.