CNN: Trump is a ‘Petulant Child’, ‘Adults Are Back in Charge'

November 10th, 2020 7:12 AM

CNN showed off its partisan hackery during Monday morning’s New Day by comparing President Trump to a ‘petulant child' and claiming a Joe Biden win meant the "adults are back in charge." So much for CNN's "time to unify" advertising! 

They were discussing the Biden transition and Republicans failing to tell Trump it's over. CNN host John Berman sneered: “They're treating him like a petulant child, where they hope he wears himself out, basically. He'll get awful tired if he keeps on running around like that outside, if he keeps screaming and crying, it will tire him out eventually and hopefully he'll fall back asleep.”

CNN political analyst April Ryan started that narrative: “This is just a continuation of who he has been, just a different day. A temper tantrum. He does not want to accept what is fact.” CNN has repeatedly dismissed any questioning of the Biden narrative as a farce.

CNN has whined about the Supreme Court, Mitch McConnell, the election results, and Mitch McConnell…again. Anything that is against their leftist and DNC given narrative. This is in stark contrast, with how lockstep they are with Joe Biden, mirroring his speech with an ad right after. Now they are portraying Biden’s victory as a return to adult leadership while repeatedly calling Trump a child.

New York Times reporter and CNN political analyst Alex Burns likened Biden’s creation of a COVID team as: "I think the message is clearly the adults are back in charge and the experts are back in charge.” There was no coverage of their qualifications or why this was supposedly such a good team.

It was not enough for CNN to attack the President for the lawsuits, they felt the need to bash the entire Republican Party. Burns remarked: “It's just that they are following the blueprint that they have followed for years of not standing up to this President if there's any other option conceivably available.”

CNN has made it clear that their narrative is Biden is a responsible leader while Trump is a child whining. This is not news reporting, it's Democratic propaganda, but what else is new for CNN?

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A transcript of the November 9th Coverage is included below:

New Day
6:04 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: Joining us now, CNN political analyst, Alex Burns. He's a national political correspondent for "The New York Times" and CNN political analyst April Ryan with American Urban Radio Network. And Alex, I find Presidential transitions fascinating. The choreography is such a unique thing. Every little thing is chosen for a purpose and a meaning. And why the Biden transition, this morning, when the President-Elect, about an hour ago, released the names of the people on this coronavirus advisory board, I was struck by the names. A lot of household names there that people see, including Rick Bright, who was a whistle-blower in the Trump administration, but also the fact, the fact of it happening. That this is what the Biden transition, this is what the President-Elect wants us to see him doing today. Why? 

ALEX BURNS [CNN Political Analyst]: Well, John, I think the message is clearly the adults are back in charge and the experts are back in charge. And that throughout the campaign, one of the things that we heard most consistently from voters and consistently from lawmakers in both parties, actually, Democrats, some of them more publicly than Republicans, was a sense of real distress that the administration didn't seem to have a strategy for the coronavirus and that there wasn't even a particularly plausible path for getting it under control, the way President Trump was approaching it. And clearly the Biden transition is trying to send the message that changes now. I do think it’s also, John, a pretty clear acknowledgement of the political and governing reality that unless they can master the coronavirus crisis, there's not a whole lot else on their agenda that they're going to get to. That this is item one, two, three, four, five, and we can keep going with that count. That the pandemic is the obstacle they must overcome to do literally everything else important in government. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: At the same time that's happening, that the Biden/Harris team is trying to move forward, the Trump team is putting up impediments, such as the general services administrator, not signing the paperwork that needs to happen in order for millions of dollars to start to be released and equipment and office space, et cetera. And so from your reporting in and around the White House, what is the Trump plan, just never concede? I mean, what happens next? 

APRIL RYAN [CNN Political Analyst]: First of all, Alisyn, we have seen this President do things like this before. This is just a continuation of who he has been, just a different day. A temper tantrum. He does not want to accept what is fact. Even though this transition is happening, this attempt on the Biden incoming administration, to have a peaceful transition of power, this President is not accepted it. He's telling people around the White House to listen to him. He's even trying to have these rallies. He wants to stop it in every way. But at the end of the day, you have to, Alisyn, many of these people who are working with the President-Elect and the Vice President-Elect, have been in Washington and been in administrations before. Presidential administrations, and they've been part of transitions. So they go into this understanding what can be done, what needs to be done, and they don't necessarily have to have the venue of the GSA's building offices to complete this task. And nonetheless, even if the President doesn't want to work with this new incoming administration, there will still be a peaceful transition of power, no matter if Donald Trump stays in the White House or if he decides to lead. The codes, the nuclear codes and every code will be delivered to Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021, at 12:00 noon. 

BERMAN: Um, Alex, given what you have written. You have a terrific bit of reporting over the weekend about how Joe Biden got to this point, where he is the President-Elect this morning. Given what he chose and how he chose to run his campaign, how he's chosen to live his life, how do you see him responding to this type of thing today and in the coming days? 

BURNS: I think we're going to see him try to respond as little as possible to the direct provocations from President Trump. That you haven't seen Joe Biden try to rebut sort of tweet by tweet the false claims that the President is making about the election. But I do think that there is something of a reality check and a moment of truth coming, both for the President-Elect and for the opposition party that Joe Biden ran a campaign premised on the idea that he was going to be able to elicit cooperation from at least some Republicans on the biggest issues of our time, and there's no bigger issue right now than the coronavirus pandemic. In a world where two to three weeks from now the President is still refusing to concede, and we don't know if that's what will happen, but if it is what happens, and his party is not moving to gently show him the door, I think that raises real questions about some of the fundamental assumptions that Biden has made throughout this campaign. And he will potentially have to think about other strategies for getting Republicans to essentially kind of man up and stand up to this President, if he doesn't cooperate with the peaceful transition of power. 

CAMEROTA: One more point on that, Alex. At the moment, that's not happening. Yes, Mitt Romney, Senator Mitt Romney, yes, former President George W. Bush, they are acknowledging Biden's win and reality. But you hear all of these senators, the ones who have President Trump's ear, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, obviously, Fox TV saying things like, oh, no, this is not over. Oh, no, the President, President Trump has won. I mean, all sorts of bizarro world, upside down stuff. And so do you have a sense that other Republicans behind the scenes are rooted in reality? 

RYAN: Alisyn, I have a sense that even some of the Republicans who are saying in public that Donald Trump has not lost this election yet are privately more rooted in reality. It's just that they are following the blueprint that they have followed for years of not standing up to this President if there's any other option conceivably available. I think they're hoping the courts can do the court for him and they can allow the President to litigate and litigate until he has no more options and then just say, well, that's the end of the road, sir. And that may be exactly what happens. I do think it's telling, Alisyn, even as Lindsey Graham is out there in public saying, fight this hard, Mr. President. He has also said publicly that if Joe Biden is elected President, he will work with him where he can. So I don't know that we're getting the message of sort of relentless total obstruction from Capitol Hill that the President would like to be getting, but neither are we getting a sort of strong endorsement that, you know, it really is time to pass the torch. 

BERMAN: They're treating him like a petulant child, where they hope he wears himself out, basically. He'll get awful tired if he keeps on running around like that outside, if he keeps screaming and crying, it will tire him out eventually and hopefully he'll fall back asleep. It seems to be that is what they are doing right now. I speak with experience as a father of two boys who were much better behaved, frankly. April, who in the White House, and you've covered this White House for a long time, who's going to tell the President? Initially, we had reported that Jared Kushner told him, this isn't going to turn out the way you want it to. Now he appears to be backing off saying, you should go hold rallies. What's going on behind the scenes this morning? 

RYAN: At the end of the day, this President has his own way. He is the one who’s going to tell himself. Jared Kushner and his daughter, Ivanka, his most trusted advisers, if they can't make a difference, this President will have to tire himself out like you say for a petulant child. But at the end of the day, this President with these lawsuits, it's costing the Republican National Committee money, it's costing time that could be unifying the nation. And if he is going up trying to drum up support from the basement of his base, he's once again creating super spreader events just to appease his ego, when it's about the people, the we the people that he's supposed to be protecting and serving. So at the end of the day, this President can have his rallies and he may even try to have a lawsuit or two, but Joe Biden has over 600 attorneys across the nation working on this. And they were anticipating this, as well. And I remember one thing that Hillary Clinton said to me a few weeks ago. She told Joe Biden never to concede. And he's taken that and other statements and he's moving forward as the President-Elect looking to be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021 at noon.