CNN Demands Trump Stop Talking About Hunter Biden Scandal

October 19th, 2020 2:58 PM

It’s the job of journalists to cover the news of the nation. Leftist CNN, however, has regularly neglected this duty in favor of their Democratic partisan agenda. Since, The New York Post broke the story on Hunter Biden’s emails, the network has been noticeably silent on the topic. Like their fellow left-wing media outlets, they do not report on news that could damage their preferred candidate, Joe Biden. This was seen on Monday’s New Day, where the topic was covered for a grand total of 18 seconds – during a three-hour show.

This was when correspondent Alex Burns whined: “That the President going out there and taunting Joe Biden about his son and waving around his stories in The New York Post that have not been substantiated to make personal attacks on Biden and the Biden family, you know, I don't know a whole lot of folks outside the Trump inner circle believe that that is a winning message.”



Regardless of one’s partisan alignment or opinions on the election, this is news. This is a potential scandal involving a man who has the potential to be President of the United States and how he would be influenced by foreign officials that have paid money to his family. It is telling that the only time New Day brought up the story was to say that Donald Trump should not talk about the story, and to call it unsubstantiated.

Appearing on Fox Business Monday morning, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe revealed that there was no evidence that the emails were part of a Russian disinformation plot, as has been claimed by prominent Democrats. This has been an excuse that was given for the media censoring the story.

Rather than talk about the story, co-host John Berman focused on the President’s attacks on Biden. Berman opined: “He literally attacked Joe Biden, and we played this in the last hour, for following science, as if science is somehow a bad thing here.” This was part of a continued narrative that the President has failed handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only is CNN blatantly ignoring actual news about Biden, they are doing it while attacking the President by any means necessary.

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A transcript of the October 19th coverage is included below:

New Day
7:15 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: 15 days left to vote in America and we have new reporting on what the campaigns are doing and what might change the trajectory of this race. Joining me now, CNN political commentators Paul Begala and Scott Jennings. Also with us, Alex Burns. He's a national political correspondent for "The New York Times." And Alex, we woke you up. We got you out of bed for this, this morning. Why? Because you have new reporting on what President Trump is doing in these closing days and the concerns in some cases that it's raising. So tell us your report. 

ALEX BURNS [CNN Political Analyst]: Well, John, my colleague Maggie Haberman and I have a story describing the sense in the Trump campaign, and especially in the broader Republican Party establishment that the President is simply not driving a real focused message at this stage in the race. That he's not doing debate prep in any formal sense ahead of his last debate with Joe Biden, which most Republicans, I think, see as the last real chance to affect a major shift in the race. And there's deepening concern on Capitol Hill that because the President seems to be spending his time on the equivalent of a kind of political joy ride around the country, holding these rallies, just kind of riffing and entertaining and revving up his core supporters, without even making, you know, a nominal effort to reach out to new voters, that that could really harm Republicans down-ballot. And that the President doesn't seem particularly concerned about the possibility that if the race stays as it is today, he is not just likely to lose himself, but he is likely to drag down a whole lot of other folks in winnable races with him. 

JOHN BERMAN: We just happen to have a Republican with us who talks to people up and down ballot. There you go! Scott Jennings, what are you hearing? So you hear Alex's reporting here. You're talking to people. What do you hear? 

SCOTT JENNINGS [CNN Political Commentator]: Well, I mean, there is concern, obviously. Anybody can read a poll. The national polls don't look good. State polls are closer, but don't look good, either. And there's also a concern about the President's television spending, which has eclipsed by Vice President Biden's campaign. So, yeah, there's a lot of concern out there on the tactical front. There's also a lot of concern on the messaging front. The President spends a lot of time talking about things that aren't Joe Biden's record and plans, vis-a-vis his own. And the way you try to run a race where your job approval is under 50% is to frame it up as a choice about the future. My policies versus the other person's policies. And right now, the President is talking about anything other than that. It's all sort of collapsing as a referendum on him. Which is the frame that the Biden campaign always wanted. So you put all of these things together and yeah, there's a lot nervousness in the party. Now, I think Trump people would tell you that they're driving enthusiasm and interest among people who didn't vote in 2016. They've had success doing voter registration in a lot of the swing states, and I think that is true. But the question is, is that enough to overcome a polling gap like we're seeing today? 

JOHN BERMAN: Paul, I have to say, as much as I love reading Alex' reporting every morning, when I look at "The times" and I see the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country and the trend lines on hospitalizations in the country, and that nearly 220,000 Americans have died, you know, if we were at 70,000 cases on Friday, we could be at 85 thousand cases by November 3rd. What on Earth else will matter on election day? 

PAUL BEGALA [CNN Political Commentator]: Well, right, that's the challenge for the President. He has been unable to get his arms around covid and worse than that, he has persuaded seniors, for example, which is one of his most reliable cohorts in the election, he's persuaded them that he's doing a terrible job, maybe because he is. So he's lost his advantage with seniors. He's losing voters he already had. Scott's right. He seems to be drive his base. He's losing his base, losing those seniors, he's losing women, in the latest CNN poll by 34 points. Not that he has 34, he's losing them by 34. And covid is driving all of that. So as he continues this denialism, as he mocks us for wearing masks to protect ourselves and our neighbors, he's just going to continue, I think, to fall. 

BERMAN: Scott Atlas, who apparently is the one guy the President is listening to on coronavirus, medical Rasputin, you might want to call him at this point. Over the weekend, he put out a tweet criticiing masks. There's a report out that he's criticizing the idea of increasing testing. And this morning, Alex, he's quoting George Orwell in a tweet. Scott Atlas is quoting George Orwell. He said, the party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears, your final and most essential command. I don't know whether this is irony, a little bit too on the nose when Scott Atlas is quoting George Orwell, but it's emblematic, I think, of the President in some cases leaning into the very things that will hurt him politically. 

BURNS: Absolutely. And that is really the story of this campaign in a lot of ways. And of the administration's response to the coronavirus. John, I was talking to a Republican lawmaker last week about exactly this subject, who was saying that, look, the President's hospitalization was handled terribly by the White House, terribly by government medical officials, terribly by the White House Chief of Staff, mark meadows, who according to our reporting is really on the rocks right now. But it was an opportunity for the President himself, if he had been so inclined, to show just this much empathy and self-awareness about what had happened to him and what is happening to the rest of the country. And you know, not necessarily transform the race as a result, but maybe give at least a couple of people out there an opportunity to say, maybe I misjudged this guy, maybe he just didn't get it and it sure seems like he gets it now. But based on what the President said a month ago, you didn't think he got it on the coronavirus, I don't hear anything from him today. I don't think anybody hears anything from him today to suggest that he has suddenly reached a new level of sensitivity and awareness about this disease. 

BERMAN: He literally attacked Joe Biden, and we played this in the last hour, for following science, as if science is somehow a bad thing here. Paul, there's other stuff that's being said on the campaign trail. And I don't want to play it, because he's attaching Gretchen Whitmer and "Lock her up" chants at his rally last night, and Governor Whitmer was concerned about this, given that there was an alleged plot to kidnap her and maybe execute her, she was concerned. So listen to her. 

GRETCHEN WHITMER [Michigan Governor]: You know, it's incredibly disturbing that the President of the United States ten days ago after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me, ten days after that was uncovered, the President is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism. It is wrong. It's got to end. 

BERMAN: The impact of those words, Paul? 

BEGALA: Well, she's exactly right. That's simply factual. Right-wing terrorism, right-wing domestic terrorism, committed by right-wing actors is a real threat. The Trump administration's domestic threat assessment, not his domestic, his homeland threat assessment, 2020, says this. Domestic violent extremists present the most persistent and lethal threat. I used to work in the White House, Scott used to work in the white house. The President is briefed on those threats, his staff is briefed on those threats. And yet he is fanning those flames. It is absolutely reprehensible. I live in Virginia here. Our Governor, Ralph Northam, was also reportedly targeted by those alleged terrorists. This is not playing around. And I saw a spokesperson for his campaign say, oh, he was just having fun at a rally. It's not fun. He is -- he is feeding terrorists. He is encouraging terrorists. And I just, it's certainly reprehensible as a President. I have to say, it's pretty stupid as a political strategy. There are not a lot of pro-terrorist voters in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. It's a terrible political strategy, but even worse than that, he's endangering his fellow Americans, which is violating the first principle of being President.

BERMAN: Scott, what do you think of it as a closing message? 

JENNINGS: Well, I wanted to pick up on Paul's political strategy point. Everything Donald Trump says that is not casting his future plans versus those of Joe Biden's, I'll cut your taxes, Joe Biden will raise them. I'll do this, Joe Biden will do that. Every time he's focused on anything other than that, he's losing. He needs to frame and cast this race as a choice about the future and who can get the economy back pre-covid. That's it, period. Whether you're talking about the Governor of Michigan or attacking Ben Sasse or whatever you're doing out there that is not focused on that framing, it's a lost hour, a lost moment, a lost day, a lost news cycle and it's going to hurt the President. I would humbly suggest, focus on Joe Biden and focus on your policies and lay out a second-term agenda and cast it against the radical liberal ideas and you might have a chance. 

BERMAN: You keep saying, focus on Joe Biden, which makes it all the more interesting, Alex, on what the former vice President is choosing to do over the next few days, which is what exactly? 

BURNS: Well, it's really to dig in on debate prep. I think that Democrats and the Biden campaign feel that they are comfortably ahead in this race, not as comfortably, they say, as media polls suggest, but that they are sort of in control right now. And so the best thing that they can do to bring this home is to deny the President the chance to retake control. And the last really big opportunity he has to do that is the debate on Thursday. You know, to Scott's point, though, about focusing on Joe Biden, it also matters how he focuses on Joe Biden and the Republicans I talked to, and I think based on what he just said, Scott would probably agree with this. That the President going out there and taunting Joe Biden about his son and waving around his stories in the "New York Post" that have not been substantiated to make personal attacks on Biden and the Biden family, you know, I don't know a whole lot of folks outside the Trump inner circle believe that that is a winning message. And even some folks in the Trump inner circle would really rather that he focus on the economy. When you talk to Republicans in the states, people who are directing these close senate races and close house races, they look at the Hunter Biden story and they say, you know, that is red meat for people who are already for you. We would love it if you would talk to some people who aren't already for you about issues like economic recovery.