CNN Attacks Fox's Siegel for... Agreeing with CNN in March

October 9th, 2020 6:50 PM

In light of the President’s coronavirus diagnosis, the leftist media have been rehashing a years-long quest into unearthing President Trump’s medical records in an attempt to deem him unfit to be President. Now that the President has announced he will undergo an on-camera medical evaluation, CNN has chosen to attack a tiresome target: Fox News. Weekly afternoon CNN Newsroom host Brianna Keilar went on a tirade Friday, complaining: “Dr. Mark Siegel hasn't exactly put medicine and science first during employment at fox but he caught the President's attention.”

Her condescending comment came after showing a series of clips spanning back to March 6th when Dr. Siegel said: “This virus should be compared to the flu because at worst, at worst, worst case scenario could be the flu. … Under 70, it is almost impossible you're going to die from COVID, and fear messaging continues.” With whatever medical knowledge she has above Dr. Siegel, Keilar views this as a disqualifying mark for the medical analyst.

CNN has shown great hypocrisy with this argument, especially in light of their own actions and the words of their own chief medical expert, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 two days before Dr. Siegel’s comment, Gupta opined: “A couple years ago, 60,000 people died of the flu. This coronavirus may have a higher fatality rate than the flu does. But the flu, we have a vaccine for the flu. Half the country doesn't get it. Hopefully that will change.”



Why was it okay for CNN’s medical analyst to make that comment earlier, but it’s not okay for Dr. Siegel. As Curtis Houck noted back in March, many of the major news companies canceled their annual “up front” events. But not CNN who packed a hall on March 5th with over 250 people, near the beginning of this pandemic. Obviously, CNN’s views on the pandemic have changed.

Hypocrisy aside, it was unfair of Keilar to judge Dr. Siegel for his comments on March 6th, and especially considering how much we’ve learned (Siegel included). If CNN wanted to attack Dr. Siegel then they should first look in the mirror. But Jeff Zucker would never allow that.

CNN has been demanding more information about the President’s health all week. This was more about attacking the President and Fox News, then getting information for the American people.

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A transcript of the March 4 and October 9 coverage is included below

CNN Newsroom
1:15 p.m. Eastern

BRIANNA KEILAR: Fox is promoting the first on camera interview with the President since the coronavirus infection. In the news release, the on staff doctor will quote, conduct a medical evaluation. That on staff doctor is this man. 

MARC SIEGEL [Medical Analyst, Fox News]: This virus should be compared to the flu because at worst, at worst, worst case scenario could be the flu. … Under 70, it is almost impossible you're going to die from COVID, and fear messaging continues. 

DONALD TRUMP: 30 or 35 questions. First questions are easy. Last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question. It is like you'll go person, woman, man, camera, TV. So they say could you repeat that. 

KEILAR: Dr. Mark Siegel hasn't exactly put medicine and science first during employment at fox but he caught the President's attention. No surprise since Trump appears to watch so much of his favorite channel, he is on a first name basis with almost the entire roster.


CNN's Anderson Cooper 360
8:15 p.m. Eastern

ANDERSON COOPER Also, Dr. Gupta, I want you to give your advice to folks out there right now. But also, again, we have talked about this before, not that the flu has anything to do with the coronavirus, But half of the people in America do not get a flu shot and the flu right now is far deadlier. So I you're freaked out at all about the coronavirus, you should be more concerned about the flu. And you can actually do something about it and get a flu shot. 

SANJAY GUPTA [CNN Chief Medical Correspondent]: 15,000 people, roughly, have already died of the flu this season. A couple years ago, 60,000 people died of the flu. This coronavirus may have a higher fatality rate than the flu does. But the flu, we have a vaccine for the flu. Half the country doesn't get it. Hopefully that will change.