John Leguizamo Brings His Boring ‘Professional Latinx’ Act To The View

April 30th, 2024 8:16 PM

Actor/playwright/woke sermonizer John Leguizamo joined the bitter harridans at ABC’s The View, delighting them with his own performative bitterness and racial grievance. He was also there, ironically, to promote his own show on a new streaming platform called The Network.

I say “ironically” because Leguizamo has achieved obvious professional success, transforming himself from comedic role player into Very Serious Actor, which belies his other career as professional racial grievance monger. 



Watch as Leguizamo explains the sentiment that went into how he portrayed this latest character, as aired on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 (click “expand”):

JOHN LEGUIZAMO: Uh…because it's exactly what I wanted to do with this character. I didn't need people to like me. I didn't want them to like me but they needed to understand the sickness.


LEGUIZAMO: That's what I wanted them to understand. What it takes to be a Latin man in a country and wanting to pass and believing that if you pass and you do everything right that the system is going to take you, but it doesn't. It spits you right back out.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: That's right.

LEGUIZAMO: So here he is, like when you watch on Fox News, you know, you watch and then they- when they're taking down our democracy they'll put up all this border stuff and who is the people perpetrating, grabbing the children and the moms are Latino patrol officers. 


LEGUIZAMO: So, that's the kind of character, that's how I related and got my --

JOY BEHAR: Important to tell.

HOSTIN: It is. I have to echo Sara. I started it last night and I was up till 1:00 in the morning.

LEGUIZAMO: Oh, you too? I'm sorry. My bad.

HOSTIN: I couldn't stop watching it. I couldn't stop watching it. And my husband was watching it with me and we were so enthralled by this. And the issue of being Latino in this country, right? And so you say people are going to despise you as a character. I did despise you.

LEGUIZAMO: Thank you, thank you. I want that.

HOSTIN: Yeah. I did. I did.

LEGUIZAMO: This guy is not a good guy.

HOSTIN: He's not a good guy. He’s doing everything he can to assimilate, but hide his heritage…


HOSTIN: … while brutalizing others for their heritage, right? So, what was that like as a Latino to take it on?

LEGUIZAMO: Oh, it was -- it was painful, you know, to -- you had to take on all this rage.


LEGUIZAMO: And then, you know, I'm snatching children from their parents and they're screaming and those screams would give me like PTSD when I would go home and be by myself, so it's hard to live with that, you know. You know, Latinos, I feel like Latinos are in a really good intersection right now in our culture because we're finally embracing and accepting that we're indigenous and accepting our Afro-Latino culture.

HOSTIN: Yes, yes.


LEGIZAMO: Because we were ashamed…


LEGUIZAMO: …and in denial.

HOSTIN: Very anti-black for a long time. In our community.

LEGUIZAMO: And anti-indigenous. The majority of us are indigenous. You know, I'm 26% indigenous and 5% Afro-Latino but, you know, my family is all like the whiter you are, the prettier you are, if your hair is straight but not too straight because then it's indigenous and add then you gotta add those European features- then you're beautiful. Everybody else, not so much. But we’re finally getting over that. I feel like we’re really coming to a place where we’re rejecting that.

Hispanics have been here since before, and fought in, the Revolutionary War. This inconvenient fact is often buried by the left because it is inconsistent with the manufactured Latino identity, created in order to erase this community’s Spanish (and Christian) heritage and impose a new, political identity built around the flimsiest foundation: language. The absurdity of the artificial Latino identity is that, despite it being a wholly American construct, it seeks to permanently alienate a community that has been in America since before its founding.

This is the identity that Leguizamo champions and defends and seeks to impose at every turn, depicting himself as an aggrieved outsider despite enjoying the fruits of Hollywood longevity, and deriding fellow Hispanics with whom he disagrees for the entertainment of fellow leftists and their audiences. Hence his spiteful remarks about Hispanics on Fox and Border Patrol agents. It could’ve been worse- he could’ve trotted out his “roaches for Raid” joke. 

It is entirely fitting that the clip previewed on The View shows him demanding that his on-screen wife “fall in line”, because this is what Leguizamo does in real life. Case in point, his MSNBC special on the Hispanic experience in New York. While seated at the table with hip-hop legends Fat Joe and DJ Tony Touch, Leguizamo chooses to spend his time effectively hectoring his guests into usage of the term “Latinx”.



Leguizamo’s act, while acclaimed on leftist spaces such as ABC News product The View, is tired, boring, derivative, and concocted for the consumption of woke, mostly white elites- as opposed to the community he purports to champion and which he does not seem to understand.

You may feel inclined to feel some sort of sympathy for the fact that we (and by “we”, I mean mostly the great Nick Fondacaro) have to watch this nonsense but, as Hyman Roth famously said to Don Michael Corleone: this is the business we’ve chosen.