Former DoJ Spox: Maybe Americans NEED To View 47-Minute Hamas Atrocity Video

April 7th, 2024 5:05 PM

There was much hand-wringing across the Sunday dial, specifically over President Biden’s vacillating response to Israel’s war against Hamas, in response to the atrocities committed on Black Sabbath six months ago today. Against this backdrop, former Department of Justice spokesperson Sarah Isgur delivered clarity as to what remains at stake.

Watch as Isgur suggests that perhaps viewing the 47-minute Hamas atrocity reel could serve as a reminder of what happened that day, as opposed to pro-forma comparisons to 9-11, as aired on ABC This Week on Sunday, April 7th, 2024:



SARAH ISGUR: There are 129 hostages still being held by Hamas that were taken on October 7th. I think that Netanyahu at this point should offer a very simple cease-fire option. By the way, the Hamas side has rejected the six-week cease-fires that have been offered time and time again by Israel. Offer a simple cease-fire. Return all of the hostages, they actually hold 133, in exchange for a cease-fire- because you know what? Hamas will either reject it or they will violate it immediately, because don’t forget there was a cease-fire on October 6th. This is the problem. This isn't like 9/11. They are holding Israelis. They're holding Americans for that matter. So yes, Israel is going to keep prosecuting that war until every single one of those people are home. And that 47-minute video that they have of what Hamas did on October 7th is something that, frankly, Americans shouldn’t have to watch- but maybe they need a reminder for what happened that day. Because it wasn’t like 9/11. They shot parents and burned their children in front of them. 

Those who have viewed the 47-minute video, a compendium of bodycam and social media videos depicting the depraved inhumanities committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians on October 7th, are barely able to describe the horrors cataloged therein. And it is often the case that this part of the Gaza equation is absent when politicos and journos gather for weekly tapings of their Sunday struggle sessions wherein they wring their hands over the effect that the war in Gaza may have upon the electoral prospects of one Joseph Robinette Biden, Junior. Always Protect the Precious.

And Isgur hammers home several points that often go unsaid: there remain American hostages held by Hamas in some as yet undiscovered subterranean dungeons. Hamas violated a ceasefire on 10/7. Children were burned, among other unspeakable horrors. Israel will likely prosecute this war until all the hostages are returned. 

At a time when so much of the coverage of the conflict centers around its effect on the 2024 presidential campaign, Isgur brought an important message of moral clarity.