Stephanie Ruhle Lectures Guest: Don't Say 'Grow a Pair' On My Show

June 13th, 2017 2:21 PM

The Left, tireless crusaders for civil political expression, slaughtered another golden calf of verbal debauchery on Tuesday.

Stephanie Ruhle had Republican strategist Evan Siegfried on MSNBC Live hours before Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ public testimony to discuss the perceived institutional problems of the Republican congress. Siegfried didn’t hold up a beheaded effigy of the President, but he had the temerity to do something ostensibly worse: use the phrase “grow a pair”:

EVAN SIGFRIED: ...Listen, Republicans right now are dealing with two things that are making it harder for them to stand up to the President and grow a pair, which is, one, they have a base that 80% of them are behind Trump --
RUHLE: You know how I said we don't say unprecedented, grow a pair is not a saying we're saying here-- we're not using grow a pair. Because last I checked when you kick someone in the where you grow a pair they start crying, so grow a pair, like, move on on that one.

That’s right- the fact that some ethereal, unnamed consensus of men “start crying” when kicked below the belt is all the justification Ruhle needs to outlaw the turn of phrase. Instead, one would presume Ruhle would prefer we use other verbal analogies for strength, perhaps one with a feminist edge whose undiminished courage is evidenced by her daily battle with the world of microaggressions.

Just two days ago, Howard Fineman used the identical formulation equating biological appendages with a courageous disposition. Stephanie Ruhle sent out no enraged tweets to condemn the act, most likely because Fineman is a leftist.