On Verge of Tea Party Inspired Election Wave, CNBC’s Cramer Says Tea Party a 'Negative Influence' for Business

November 2nd, 2010 8:12 PM

Assuming you’re a free-market oriented individual and you’re tuning into CNBC’s “Your Money, Your Vote” election coverage, this is probably not what you expected to hear.

Anchor Carl Quintanilla asked CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer about the Tea Party movement, which by many measures is what has propelled a hugged Republican wave on election night.

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“Leader, I want to bring in the notion of the Tea Party, which Larry [Kudlow] and us have talked about tonight,” Quintanilla said. “And Jim, it's been written that business as an entity does not really know where the Tea Party stands on a lot of business issues. Is the business community going to like their influence if it's large, or not?”

According to Cramer, it’s it is a negative influence on business, in that they’re not trustworthy.

“I think the Tea Party itself is negative influence for business, in that they don't trust them and business is about trusting,” Cramer said. “You don't want to take money out of your wallet until you trust what the landscape is.”

So according to Cramer – fiscal responsibility, restraint with regulation and lower taxes are “negative influences?” Apparently so, but he told CNBC viewers it didn’t matter because he predicted job will be created.  

“But I will say this, Carl, I am very optimistic about one thing we are not talking about tonight,” Cramer said. “I think once this election's out of the way, we are going to get job creation. I don't care who wins, we're going to get job creation. That's the thing that's going to change things. Maybe Obama will look good in another four or five weeks. I think it’s going to surprise you. We get this election out of the way, people are going to start spending, people are going to start hiring. It's good news that this election will be done.”