Limbaugh: Baltimore Burns Because 'Political Climate Change is Destroying' Cities

April 28th, 2015 7:17 PM

You just knew Rush Limbaugh would provide a provocative and insightful take on the riots and looting in Baltimore and, sure enough, he didn't disappoint.

Wasting no time at the start of his radio show today, Limbaugh turned the left's paranoia about climate change on its head while pointing out that liberalism is responsible for an actual form of climate change -- of the political variety -- that poses a genuine threat to Americans.

How many more of our cities must burn before enough Americans come to the same conclusion and the badly-needed pushback begins? --

You know what one of the most fascinating things to me has been and there are many fascinating things about this -- yesterday afternoon when all this started happening, you know, I'm looking at stuff, trying to stay up to speed on it and I'm hearing all these officials, elected officials and otherwise in Baltimore, blaming no jobs, blaming poor education, blaming all this cultural rot. And I really was taken aback 'cause, well, you guys have been running this show for I don't know how long. I mean, there have only been two white mayors in Baltimore in decades and both of them were related to Nancy Pelosi, by the way -- Thomas L.J. D'Alesandro (Pelosi's father) and Thomas L.J. D'Alesandro the 3rd or some such (Pelosi's brother). Those are the only two white mayors in Baltimore in I don't know how long.

Baltimore is 60 percent black. The police department's run by African-Americans. ... We've got an African-American president -- where's all this oppression coming from? Who's doing all this oppressing? That's the one thing that hasn't changed, it's another thing that hasn't changed, the excuses given, the reasons given for this. And every time there are riots, they are justified by people on the left. That hasn't changed either.

There is one thing that could be strikingly different about this circumstance from others and most notably, recently, Ferguson, and that is you really have to look hard to find a racial component in this. You don't have a white police chief. You don't have a white mayor. You don't have a white cop that gunned down a supposed innocent, young man walking down the street, pondering his first days at college.

What you have here, we have manmade city warming if you want to look at it this way ... to borrow a little bit from the modern-day global warming meme. Baltimore and Ferguson burn due to man-made liberalism. That's what's on display here -- manmade liberalism, political climate change is destroying America's urban core. Not rising sea levels, not melting glaciers, not hurricanes, none of these things that we've been told are going to be the end of us. Nope, it's manmade liberalism that is destroying America's urban core -- rapid expansion of government at the expense of free markets, private property rights, school choice, intact families, controlled immigration -- all that's gone! All that's been thrown out, other than the rapid expansion of government. Rapid expansion of government has taken place at the expense of free markets, private property rights, school choice, intact families.

You know things are bad when the gangs of the city are the ones who come together to negotiate to try to solve the problem. You know you've lost control. And there are elected leaders in Baltimore running around proudly saying that the Crips and the Bloods are going to work today to clean up the mess. Well then you runs the city? Obviously the Crips and the Bloods run the city.

Just as obviously, liberals are in steadfast denial about their policies creating the combustible conditions for political climate change. Most troubling of all -- a growing number of computer models predict higher temps in many more cities.