Stephanie Miller Wants 'Blacker' Presidents, Preferably Gangsta Rappers

November 5th, 2013 6:50 PM

Liberals are so often a bundle of puzzling contradictions, aren't they? On any given day, they'll inveigh fervently against the horrors of violence, misogyny, drug addiction. All of minutes later, they'll gush their ardor for a reputed form of music that glorifies the pathologies they claim to hate. Go figure.

An example of this could be heard on Stephanie Miller's radio show today when she pined for the days that we'll see future American leaders "blacker" than President Obama and -- better yet -- they'll be gangsta rappers. Hey, we can only hope. Couldn't be any worse than the homies in charge now, right? (Audio after the jump)

Listen as Miller employs a peculiar street-wise patois to convey how awesomely cool she is, despite that unfortunate Caucasian skin hue (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, --

When we look back in history, not only will he be seen as a great president, we will have had like 20 more black presidents and they will all be progressively blacker until every tea party head in the country explodes (how Miller devoutly hopes she doesn't have to wait for this) and I was hoping for a President Fiddy (allusion to rapper 50 Cent) is all I'm saying, right? (rap played in background to accompany Miller's rant). Whut! I hope future State of the Unions start with, S'up, America! Ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States, Ludacris. (Ludacris tune played) Yeah, here comes the first lady, she's the first lady in the bed. (Miller parroting Ludacris lyrics) Whut?! Whut?! And then the gangsta mic drop at the end of every State of the Union. I just said objects in the mirror may be blacker than they appear. In history President Obama will seem less black and scary to many of the, the tea party will be extinct then.

"And they will all be progressively blacker" -- as opposed, at risk of stating the obvious, to the blacks one sees on MSNBC.

The tea party continues to evade its long-predicted imminent demise, but Miller may get her other wish sooner than she expects. As millions more Americans learn they've lost the health plans they wanted and will now get new improved versions thanks to Obamacare, they may conclude that our current president possesses an indicted rapper's fluid grasp of the truth.