Ed Schultz's Goofy Reign of Error Flails Forward

July 31st, 2010 11:47 PM

Liberal radio host and MSNBC bobblehead Ed Schultz doesn't sugarcoat his contempt when it comes to Sarah Palin.

Here, for example, is what Schultz said about Palin on his radio show July 14 (click here for audio) --

 I think she is shamelessly stupid.

Unlike Schultz, who doesn't know the difference between "circumspect" and "suspicious", as he showed on June 22 when talking about Gen. Stanley McChrystal (audio here) --  

A lot of Americans are circumspect about his involvement in the Tillman death.

Who still can't pronounce "misconstrue", as shown in a June 3 rebroadcast of a "town hall meeting" and book signing at a Chicago union hall (audio) --

But I write in the book that one of the reasons why America is great is because every time we have been faced with a crisis as a country, we've come out of it better. Don't misconstrude what I'm saying ...

Back on April 6, Schultz came out with "misconstruting." Be patient, he'll get it right eventually.

Another word that throws Schultz for a loop is "cahoots," which he invariably confuses with "cohorts", as he did July 6 when talking about police in Colorado Springs asking local cab drivers for help in reporting crimes (audio) --

But we've now gotten to the point where cab drivers are in cohorts with the cops.

Did you catch the pauses right before "cohorts"? Sounded like Schultz knew he was venturing into terra incognita.

Then there's the ever-dicey "excerpts", which Schultz insists on pronouncing without the "p", as on July 7 in describing a web video critical of Obama that was released by House Minority Leader John Boehner (audio) --

... And he took some, some (another pause) excerts from his stump work, I guess you could say ...

"Stump work" indeed.

On July 20, Schultz took a stab at "subsequently" in a way seldom uttered by anyone older than 14 (audio) --

The international corporation decided to go the cheap route and a crucial piece of the Deepwater Horizon's safety equipment was overhauled in China, to save a few bucks. It subsequently failed to activate and is suspected of having caused the disaster.

In fairness to Schultz, he does provide fodder for the occasional belly laugh, as he did July 8 in response to a query from a caller (audio) --

CALLER: Hey, I was wondering why I haven't seen any satellite photographs of the oil spill in the Gulf. Just haven't seen 'em, anywhere.

SCHULTZ: Uh, you mean like, from outer space?

Lastly, Schultz had this to say July 26 about Glenn Beck after Beck revealed he could lose his vision to macular dystrophy (audio) --

Beck's a phony! Always been a phony, always gonna be a phony.  And an uneducated phony at that, I might add.

Project much, Ed?