Two Groups Trying to Prevent Breitbart Video Release Also Soros-Funded

March 8th, 2012 10:57 AM

Access to the controversial video released of President Barack Obama embracing a radical professor was prevented by two groups funded by left-wing donor George Soros. The two – WGBH and Harvard University – were granted more than $3.5 million was granted to WGBH and Harvard by Soros’s Open Society Foundations since 2000.

The late Andrew Breitbart’s websites posted the edited version of this video on March 7 and appeared on “Hannity” that evening to discuss it. Editor in Chief Joel Pollack told Hannity that WGBH refused to respond to inquiries about the video in question. In a video played from Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree’s class, he told the students, “of course we hid this through the 2008 campaign.” If the video was not incendiary, why did he feel the need to hide it from the voters?

Obama’s support of Professor Derrick Bell, described by Pollack as “the Jeremiah Wright of Academia,” was hidden from the American public. In the video, Obama introduced Bell in 1991 with a speech saying, “open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.” To embrace such a radical professor that described America as a racist country would have been important for voters to know. The media failed at finding and releasing this information. 

Ogletree showed the video in his class at Harvard. The university received more than $3.3 million from Soros’s foundations. WGBH would not respond to inquiries from Breitbart’s team when they inquired received $250,000 from the Soros foundations. Soros donated more than $8 billion to his Open Society Foundations since 2000.