Mitchell On Hillary: Foes Will "Bludgeon" Her, She's The "Opposite of Teflon"

January 18th, 2006 6:25 PM

After NBC's Andrea Mitchell attacked Laura Bush when she called her a "potent political weapon" and says that Bush can say "partisan things without appearing partisan", she defends Hillary Clinton's recent comparison of the House with a slave plantation. Mitchell says that Republicans, specifically Newt Gingrich, can "get away with it", while Clinton "can say the same thing" and anything "controversial" will be used to "bludgeon her". She also notes that Clinton "has to be extra special careful" because she is "the opposite of the Teflon first lady".

She adds that Hillary was "with a friendly audience" and speaking to an "audience that wanted to hear that", which apparently makes it okay to make the comments according to Mitchell.


Transcript follows.

MITCHELL: And he [Newt Gingrich] can say that and get away with it, Hillary Clinton can say the same thing and anything she says that is at all controversial will be taken up and used to bludgeon her, so she has to be extra special careful because she is the opposite of the Teflon first lady.

MITCHELL: The original instinct was that she was trying to attack left and sort of do a course correction after having been such a centrist. I don't think that's the case. I think she got swept up with it. She was with a friendly audience. This was as Ed Rogers suggested earlier a clinton in Harlem before an african-american church, sort of feeling very comfortable and speaking what they thought the audience wanted to hear.