Dana Bash Calls Bush’s Door Incident “The No Exit Strategy Press Conference”

November 21st, 2005 4:35 PM

CNN reporter Dana Bash did some ‘bashing’ of the President’s actions during his trip to Asia.

She begins the segment with the President attempting to open a locked door at the end of a press conference. She said reporters on the scene immediately dubbed this "the no exit strategy press conference". Even the sheepish President couldn't ignore the obvious metaphor.

Bash continued her segment by concluding President Bush's trip to Asia was a failure because of the failures at home in the US.

When Bush was asked “Is that evidence that your party is increasing splitting with you on Iraq?”, Bash dubbed his answer as "talking points".

Bash called Vice President Cheney’s speech as "red hot Iraq rhetoric" and then said his speech was to "discredit Democrats criticizing the war". She referred to the statement released by the White House that compared Murtha to Michael Moore as a "blistering statement".

She concluded the segment by noting a reporter that asked a “question on many minds”, "Mr. President you seem to be a little bit of your game". Bush responded with "have you ever heard of jet lag". Bash gave the reaction of "how dare he say that".