Protest Held at New York Times, Covered by Fox News

July 5th, 2006 12:53 PM

On July 3, the D.C. Chapter of and Accuracy in Media held a protest outside the Washington bureau of the New York Times. Michelle Malkin has pictures from the event.

The protest was reported on Fox News' "Special Report with Brit Hume."

BRIT HUME: The "New York Times" continues to take heat for its revelation, as we mentioned earlier in the "Grapevine," of a secret government program to track terrorist financing. As chief Washington correspondent, Jim Angle, reports attempts by the paper's editor to explain its action have not calmed the controversy.

PROTESTOR: Round them up for treason. Send them all to Gitmo.

JIM ANGLE: A small band of protestors in Washington today reflected the anger of conservative groups still mad that the "New York Times" revealed a secret program to track terrorist financing which prompted other papers to follow suit.

World Net Daily reports that an even larger protest, with more participating groups, will occur in New York at the paper's home office.

More than a half-dozen groups are leading a rally at the New York Times headquarters to protest the newspaper's publishing of stories exposing national security intelligence programs.

New York Times Building in New York City

The demonstration Monday at West 43rd Street in New York City is sponsored by Caucus for America, Free Republic, Congress for Racial Equality, Protest Warriors, New York Young Republican Club, Brownstone Republican Club and others.