Happy Fathers Day? Don't Forget the Illegal Fathers

June 19th, 2006 2:37 PM

New York Times reporter Eduardo Porter wrote a special frontpage Father's Day story on why illegal immigrants are just like the rest of us.

Pretend Pundit has the details.

The illegal immigration issue threatens to hurt Democrats in the fall 2006 elections, so The New York Times has delivered a very special -- front page, above the fold -- Father's Day article that will no doubt serve as talking points for many left-leaning "civil rights" groups, such as the ACLU.

In "Here Illegally, Working Hard and Paying Taxes", NYT writer Eduardo Porter presents a human interest style puff piece about four hard-working, tax-paying, family-loving immigrants illegal immigrants.

In addition to authoring DNC talking points, Porter plays pure politics and frames this illegal immigration issue to serve three purposes: 1) To recast the players in the "American Dream" drama as illegals, 2) to turn illegal immigrants into sympathetic characters by paralleling their struggle with that of many of our own families', and 3) to make the opposition -- evil Conservatives -- seem less thoughtful, sensitive and nuanced in their own arguments to the contrary.

"Adriana, 27; Ana, 27; Emilio, 48; and Polo, 52, are all illegal immigrants." Illegal. Not legal. As such, they should be treated -- not as some privileged group -- but as any law breakers would. Immigration laws do not exist because Americans enjoy punishing foreigners. Our laws exist to preserve the very way of life that we -- including illegals -- value. Americans understand and encourage the role that legal immigrats plays in the American Dream and consider it a source of great pride that so many risk everything to arrive on our Sacred Shores: