LA Radio Station Launches 'Name Your Baby Lou Dobbs Challenge' to Illegal Mothers

May 8th, 2006 11:33 AM
An LA radio station is fed up with CNN anchor Lou Dobbs' constant attacks on illegal immigration. Lalo Alcaraz and Esteban Zul host the "Pocho Hour of Power" on KPFK, and don't like Dobbs' "soft bigotry in a three-piece suit." So far there have been no takers, despite prize offers.

Reports the New York Daily News:

"He used to have a business show, and now it's all-immigrant, all the time," Alcaraz told us. "Call me crazy, but if I had a TV show, I'd do different topics. And what he's doing is a kind of cultural bigotry that [immigrants] are inferior in some way. In reality, they're working their asses off. It leads viewers to think, 'Now I can discriminate against Panchito.'"

Last month, the media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting called Dobbs' "tone on immigration consistently alarmist," with the founder claiming that Mexicans are "an army of invaders" who want to reannex parts of the U.S. for Mexico; that "illegal alien smugglers and drug traffickers are on the verge of ruining some of our national treasures," and that "the invasion of illegal aliens is threatening the health of many Americans" through "deadly imports" of diseases like malaria — and even leprosy.

About the contest, Dobbs was uncharacteristically silent. "We don't have a comment," his spokeswoman said.

Despite hundreds of dollars' worth of baby merchandise as prizes (see, there've been no takers so far. Small wonder: If Dobbs is so objectionable, who could saddle an infant with his name?

Would Alcaraz? "I'd have to be drunk," he concluded.