WashingtonPost.com Sends Readers To Blogs

September 1st, 2005 10:08 AM

The Media Post reports:

"The Washington Post has entered into a deal with blog search engine Technorati that will make it easy for readers to find blog entries about Post stories. Technorati already has similar deals with Salon.com and Newsweek.com, but WashingtonPost.com marks the search engine's first major newspaper partnership.

"The Technorati partnerships allow the news sites to direct their readers to blogs that link directly to stories. "In the 20th century it was about letters to the editor; in the 21st century we're seeing people adding their commentary by blogging about the stories and articles," Technorati Founder David Sifry told OnlineMediaDaily in July, after news of the Newsweek.com partnership began circulating. "There's definitely a symbiosis between bloggers and the mainstream media."

The Washington Post is a frequent topic here on Newsbusters, and has so far been listed by the paper:

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