Geraldo: Can GOP Candidates Convince Hispanics They Don't 'Hate' Them?

December 10th, 2007 4:18 PM

As far as Geraldo Rivera is concerned the GOP presidential candidates are guilty until proven innocent on whether or not they "hate" Hispanics. On Sunday's "Geraldo At Large," the Fox News host teased a segment on the GOP Univision debate this way:

GERALDO RIVERA: In the current anti-immigration climate did these Republican debates convince Hispanics that they don't hate them?

Later, on the December 9 show, Rivera continued the slurs against the GOP candidates when he introduced the Carl Cameron report on the debate:

RIVERA: Meanwhile in Miami, in what had to be an awkward evening, most of the GOP candidates met to debate on the Spanish-language TV network Univision. "Trying to put lips on a pig," is how one analyst put the, the tough job the candidates face in trying to convince Hispanic voters that the anti-immigration attitudes expressed by most of the GOP candidates doesn't mean they hate Spanish people. How'd they do and where was Colorado's radical anti-immigration candidate Tom Tancredo? Let's ask Campaign Carl Cameron who joins us live from Miami.