NBC's Obsession with Kennedys Continues and Ann Curry Takes Anti-Spanking Stance

October 10th, 2006 11:01 AM

NBC's obsession with the Kennedy family is beginning to border on the absurd. A few days ago I noted how the liberal media and in particular NBC worships at the altar of the Kennedy clan, reporting on every little Kennedy item that comes across their news desks. Well now the Kennedy references are showing up in the most random places. On this morning's Today, NBC's Michael Okwu reported on a USA Today study that showed most CEOs were spanked as children. After a back and forth on the appropriateness of spanking, Okwu finished with this endorsement:

Michael Okwu: "Damage or discipline? Whatever the answer CEOs like Joe Moglia are in good company. One mother describes spanking as the most effective 'means of instruction,' her name was Rose. Her son, the future president, John F. Kennedy. For Today, Michael Okwu, NBC News, Los Angeles."

However, Mother Rose Kennedy's stamp of approval, wasn't enough for Today co-host Ann Curry, as she firmly opposed the spanking policy because it "breeds violence." The following exchange came right after Okwu's 7am segment on the October 10th Today show:

Matt Lauer: "Which raises the question."

Ann Curry: "I, no just a little. I wasn't spanked that much but I was spanked when I was a kid."

Lauer: "And what about you, do you spank, did you spank your kids?"

Curry: "No. No I don't spank my kids. I believe the advice that it actually just breeds violence in your children."