LA Times Has No Room For Fine of Hillary's False Campaign Reports

January 6th, 2006 7:01 PM

Today's (Friday, January 6, 2006) print edition of the Los Angeles Times found room in their paper for:

... 2315 words and two articles on tonight's Book of Daniel TV show,

... 1431 words for an article about Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars,

... 182 words on Pat Robertson's Ariel Sharon remarks,

... 1477 words on the effects of the decline of the popularity of tennis (on page A1, nonetheless).

Amazingly (or maybe not), the Times could not find one syllable to report, "A campaign fundraising group for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to a $35,000 fine for underreporting hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on a Hollywood fundraiser in 2000" [AP link] (emphasis mine).

The fundraiser was in Hollywood, mind you. It's hard to imagine if the fine was related to, let's say, Arnold Schwarzenegger that the Times would be silent.