The Leftroots' Frightening Vision for America

October 11th, 2007 8:33 PM

If the increasingly conventional wisdom that the Netroots movement is now the driving force behind today's Democrat Party is true, than a look into their actual agenda for America is something voters considering supporting Democrat politicians in 2008 might want to take a very close look at. It's posted by Chris Bowers at Open Left and looked at in plain terms, is substantial and should give conservatives and Libertarians cause for concern.

Below are just some bullet points from the larger plan.

You think the "Fairness Doctrine" is bad, you haven't seen anything yet:

Reversing Corporate Media Consolidation. Using improved ownership regulation of American media to help destabilize the impact of the Republican Noise Machine, and create a more diverse, responsive national media, is another key progressive feedback loop.

It includes a neo-colonialist movement to expand Liberal political clout in Congress and goes well beyond simple voting rights for DC:

Colonial Reform. Perhaps I am using overly provocative language to describe this one, but granting full congressional representation to those areas of America not current represented by full voting members in Congress would be a big step forward for progressives. - anti-Republican strongholds in D.C. and Puerto Rico, but should also include territories like Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. These are not places that are particularly friendly to the values of the conservative movement, and granting them equal representation within their own country would expand progressive and Democratic power long-term.

An attempt to shift as much money as possible out of the private business sector into the hands of politicians who could then dole out those monies in the form of entitlements to enlist an ever growing amount of support:

Re-locating government spending....De-funding the conservative economy, and re-locating spending in programs Americans won't want to give up, such as universal health care or cheaper, clean energy investment, would to at least some extent shift the economic balance of power away from conservatives and toward progressives.

How about opening the gates to voter fraud, illegal aliens and criminals, is that really in the best interest of most hard-working, law-abiding Americans?

Voting Reform. Same day voter registration, the end of felony disenfranchisement, and secure voting mechanisms will all help increase voter turnout in ways that favor progressives.

Providing union organizers with the ability to circumvent elections, all but mandating unions in work places that might not otherwise accept them?

increase union density and collective bargaining power in America. Union members are much more likely to support progressive economic policies, and to vote Democratic, than other non-union workers

If the above isn't enough to concern you, read it all. Take a look at the real Democrat vision for America. If you're a freedom loving conservative, or Libertarian, it might be even more frightening than you imagined. And they'll look for their pals in the media to implement it for them.