Media Continues To Ignore Charles Rust-Tierney Story

March 3rd, 2007 8:29 PM

Don't bother looking for it via Google News. There hasn't been a single major story published on him since Charles Rust-Tierney appeared in Court. A local source sent me this, which Google either didn't capture, or hasn't spidered, yet. Previous coverage here and here.

Alexandria, Va. (WUSA) -- A public defender from Arlington now finds that he is the accused. Fifty-one year old Charles Rust-Tierney appeared in United States District Court in Alexandria Wednesday.

He’s accused of receiving and possessing child pornography, and investigators outlined what they say they found after searching his home.

They say Rust-Tierney had video showing, among other things, the sexual torture of infants and toddlers. The judge said she’d never heard of child pornography that vile and said because of that, Rust-Tierney would stay behind bars until his trial.

Rust-Tierney is a father himself and also a coach of Arlington-area youth little league and soccer teams. In court, dozens of his friends and family members voiced support for him. They say they have never suspected him of improper contact with kids.

More from O'Reilly at Human Events. He focuses on the media suppression angle.

One of the images Tierney was in possession of showed a little girl tied up and screaming while being violently raped.