AP Excludes Kidnapping Suspect's Illegal Status And Past

February 26th, 2007 2:42 AM

 h/t Jules for this:

The man suspected of kidnapping a 13-year-old boy and leaving him tied to a tree in the woods in a ransom scheme reportedly is an illegal alien who had already been deported once.

Police are searching for Vincente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno, 22, an illegal alien who has already been deported once, for the kidnapping of 13 year old Clay Moore at gun point. It's believed to be a ransom attempt but Moore escaped on his own.

Here is the AP's sanitized version of the suspect's background. picture here.

Beltran, a native of Mexico, had worked at the farm three years ago, but later became a laborer for an aluminum contractor, Bristow said.

And here's what didn't make it into the AP wire report. So much for the public's right to know.

Wells said obtaining the warrants took longer than expected due to the suspected kidnapper's multiple aliases. Beltran-Moreno is an undocumented immigrant who at one time was deported from the United States.