Who Let The Thugs Out?

January 28th, 2007 3:55 AM

The Left side of the blogosphere, or Nutroots, appears to be set to, not only encourage, but financially reward, the worst types of political activism, some of which we observed during the last election cycle.

I've just agreed to accept the position of Director of Activism at blogpac.org.

The above was recently posted by Mike Stark at DailyKos. You might recall that Stark's particularly distasteful brand of activism includes physically confronting campaign aides to ask candidates such pressing questions as: Did you spit on your wife, or use the word nigger lately? He's also known for his great judgment, as when he deliberately held up an extremely vulgar sign during a national broadcast on the Fox network. One can only imagine what types of activism Stark will use designated funds to support.

In his unpaid position, causing one to wonder if Stark will ever get a real job, he will be responsible for disseminating $1,750 per month to grassroots activists he deems as deserving of a cash award for their silly stunts activism.

OK then...  the ground rules.  Every month I can give away up to $1,750 dollars. 

Right now, there are no rules per se, but I was thinking of a $1,000 first prize, $500 second and $250 third.  I want to know what y'all think.

Next, it is my job to identify the method that will be used to award the checks.  I have a general idea of what characterizes good netroots activism and I could, if so inclined, simply reach out to individual bloggers and activist and tell them they've won.  But I don't want to do that.

In another bit of nonsense only a non-capitalist moonbat could view as a great opportunity, for the honor of having the unpaid job, Stark also gets to raise the money for the effort - and Blogpac as an additional responsibility of his employment. As a businessman, what I wouldn't give to find an idiot who would work for free and raise cash for me to give away. Yes, there is one born every minute, at least on the Left.

You know, the truth is, I've never enjoyed asking for money....

Well, this time is different.  I feel absolutely awesome about this, and I hope that hundreds of you will feel the same way as you click over to the blogpac donation page and make a deposit.  Before you go though, please let me make a special request...

Blogpac is the Nutroots fund raising mechanism. At a time when Democrat politicians are preaching discussion, bi-partisanship and integrity, it seems their retarded step-child, the Nutroots, is plotting a different course.

If nothing else, the program may result in some additional embarrassing moments, as when the Left photo-shopped Senator Lieberman in black face during the last election cycle, causing any remaining sensible Democrats to keep their Internet children at arms length for fear of being pulled into a controversy.