The Left's War on Free Speech

January 20th, 2007 11:09 PM

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at this below from Mike Stark, it probably isn't the first time he's issued a threat upon which he doesn't have a prayer of delivering.

I don’t mean to be a dick, but the truth is by the time the 6-7 minute segment is over, CNN will want to hire me as a sanitation engineer because I will have mopped the floor with Mr. Riehl… Mike Stark

Hopefully I'll have a few minutes tomorrow courtesy of CNN's Reliable Sources to point out that from throwing pies at conservative lecturers and guests, to physically assaulting Jim Gilchrist of Minuteman fame, see Hot Air and Michelle Malkin for more on that - to trying to shut down The Path to 9/11 and now the KSFO incident while Dennis Kucinich talks about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, this is all in fact part of the Left's on going effort to shut down conservative rhetoric whenever and wherever they can.

It appears that political hack Mike Stark, now allegedly offended at some conservative speech via KSFO in San Francisco displayed no such sensitivity as to what went out over the air in the case documented in this photo when he made sure some vulgarity made its way into a broadcast of Fox's Hannity and Colmes.

As you can see from the bragging about it later while still holding the sign, it wasn't an accident, but another planned political stunt lacking in the kind of principle which would allow a clown like Stark to be genuinely outraged over the issue at KSFO.

But like any good unhinged Moonbat and Marxist, he hopes to parlay the buzz into a full scale war against Disney as a means of hurting corporate America while at the same time attempting to silence another bit of conservative speech.

I just purchased the domain "". I'm building a bulletin board for people to upload photoshops, stories and videos of their bullshit experiences with Disney. From that central repository, I'm encouraging all of you to copy and paste. Copy the photoshops and stories from and paste them into the other sites you visit.

Individuals like Mike Stark and whoever Spocko is would have us believe this is a case of being outraged with a sliver of over heard speech, but is it? Here's Stark as far back as March all but declaring war on Conservative talk.

As many of you know, I've kind of fallen into being a talk radio "specialist". Recently, in addition to making my own calls, I've recruited others to join in "call-ins" to Bill O'Reilly's show. Our efforts resulted in a huge embarrassment for Bill. We provided fodder for Olbermann's show and even Howard Stern ridiculed O'Reilly for his hubris and arrogance.

... A committed troupe of talk radio callers can make a huge difference in shaping public opinion. Public opinion, in turn, can influence events.

Update [2006-3-30 20:22:20 by Mike Stark]: firedoglake and Crooks & Liars are both part of this effort. (truth is that Jane Hamsher at fdl put all of this together... the rest of us are proud as hell to be her acolytes)

Byron York already exposed Stark here at NRO as a political dirty trickster attempting to sway elections, as he may have accomplished, in part, with a pre-planned assault on the George Allen campaign during which he physically assaulted a campaign worker only to ask Allen if he had "spit on his wife." Mike Stark - don't look for him under any definition of class.

“Recently I’ve been thinking about how to put these ‘guerrilla tactics’ to use where it matters: winning elections,” Stark continued. “After a lot of thinking, I’ve developed a plan that will impact one election in a big way.

Stark has been working away in the kitchen too long brewing up recipes to silence political speech that he opposes. It's time to turn the lights on in there so that, as with any other cockroach in any other kitchen, bugs like Stark are forced to direct their energy toward running for cover, as opposed to attacking the constitutionally granted rights of conservatives to freely express their point of view. And that includes attempts at humor, whether one ultimately finds them funny, or not.