AP Makes It Even Worse?

November 27th, 2006 4:54 PM

I already linked to Flopping Aces, read his bust of the AP here. Given that, or even aside from it, should this, (registration required) via the AP, be in the main Iraq story in the Chicago Tribune today?

Separately, police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on Sunday night in the Baghdad suburb of Husseiniya.

"We were sitting inside our house when the Americans showed up and started firing at homes. They killed many people and burned some houses," said one of the witnesses, a man with bandages on his head who was being treated at Imam Ali Hospital in the Shiite slum of Sadr City. The police and witnesses spoke with Associated Press Television News on condition of anonymity to protect their own security.

The military denies any operation in the area, still the AP feels compelled to print this trash from sources who won't even identify themselves?

The U.S. military said it had no record of any American military operation in the area.

Will anyone hold the AP to account? Or the above be headlining the MSM network coverage tonight?