Sestak And CREW Launch New Dirty Trick On Weldon

October 21st, 2006 6:52 AM

CREW - Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (eye roll) have launched a new dirty trick against Curt Weldon and it is clear it was done in conjunction with the Sestak campaign. What remains to be seen is if the Mainstream media reports it objectively given the obvious facts.

E-mails received by CREW have prompted us to ask the Department of Justice to investigate whether Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) violated the law by intimidating government personnel "in the national security field" who support his opponent, Joe Sestak.

The first e-mail describes a "hit list" compiled of Weldon opponent's supporters. In addition, that e-mail notes the Weldon said something to the effect of "If they don't think there will be retribution before or after the election, they're kidding themselves." The second e-mail states that Weldon had his staff contact Navy personnel to get information on Sestak.

CREW has asked the Department of Justice to investigate this very serious matter. The e-mails, which are provided below, detail a disturbing, and potentially unlawful, abuse of power. 18 U.S.C. §600 and 18 U.S.C. §610 are implicated with this kind of behavior.

Melanie Sloan stated that, "Not only has Rep. Weldon abused his position to financially benefit his daughter, he has threatened to misuse his position to punish those who support his political opponent. Rep. Weldon needs to learn that no one, not even a powerful member of Congress is above the law."

Read the e-mails:

The emails appear to be forwarded by a Christine Fox, possibly the individual listed below.

Welcome to the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)

Ms. Christine H. Fox
Executive Asst: Ms. Kathleen Berens

Not only do the emails appear to amount to little more than hearsay, they are directed to the Sestak campaign and are dated June and July. We know the former because of the wording. They reference an alleged list including individuals who have "contributed to you." And from the blog entry accompanying the image of the letters, the alleged targets are individuals  "who support his (Weldon's) opponent, Joe Sestak." Consequently the original letters were to the Sestak campaign and in June.

That means that Sestak was in possession of this information back in June and had every opportunity to register a complaint with the FEC. But the Sestak campaign chose to not do that, probably because they knew it was a bunch of nothing in the end.

But having an uber-liberal, George Soros-linked hit group send them to the Justice Department two weeks before an election might just be worth a headline or two. Now we'll have to see if the media plays it straight.