Review: Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ Not the Right Prescription for Health Care

June 22nd, 2007 6:17 PM

If you’ve been watching the mainstream media coverage of Michael Moore’s soon-to-be-released schlock-umentary on America’s health care system, you’ve probably been led to believe he is some sort of political genius.

But that’s certainly not the case. Moore used a handful of failings of the American health care system to make a case for a socialized program in the United States.

Moore targets the health insurers and the pharmaceutical industry with a parade of hardship stories, exploiting a few desperate people to make lots of left-wing points. He overly glamorizes programs in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba to convince his viewers there are no hardships in any of their systems.

We meet the doctor with the fancy car, the French couple living the “middle class” life of luxury. What we don’t get to meet are the foreign tax men soaking the citizens to pay for the mighty welfare states. And we don’t see Moore packing up his moving van and relocating to any one of those lovely locales.

Despite its socialist agenda, the movie is somewhat amusing, but not all of the humor was intentional. Informed viewers will find themselves laughing at Moore and his thinly veiled propaganda.