Editor’s Pick: Federalist Says ‘Biden Is the Least Accessible President in Modern History’

December 22nd, 2021 9:44 AM

In piece for our friends at The Federalist, contributor David Kletz reported Wednesday that “a database compiled at the University of Santa Barbara that tracks presidential interactions with the media” has found that President Biden is the least accessible President going back 20 years.

Kletz explained how, going back to “Bill Clinton’s lame-duck year in 2000” when he “traveled to 22 different countries,” Biden has both done “the fewest number of solo or joint press conferences” and gone the longest period of time “without holding a single news conference since taking office.” 

For Biden, it took 64 days for him to face reporters. Kletz also said the number of press conferences he’s had is misleading (in addition to the fact that Biden has often admitted his staff don’t want him speaking to the press):

Biden is now on record as having held six solo “press conferences,” but even that number is misleading, considering that he almost exclusively calls on pre-selected reporters (who need to be granted access to the East Room by his handlers) and often appears to have the answers to their softball questions written down ahead of time.

And despite a liberal media that invested in getting him elected, Biden “has yet to step foot inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room[.]”

To read more, check out Kletz’s full post here.