‘Slow-Rolling Insurgency’; Reid, Pals Accuse All Conservatives of Being Terrorists

November 11th, 2021 9:41 PM

Prior to a maddening segment about Kyle Rittenhouse, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid opened Wednesday’s show by spewing more viperous rhetoric against the right as a millions-strong terrorist organization carrying out a “slow-rolling insurrection” and “apartheid democracy” whose electoral victories are illegitimate and pose a deadly threat to their fellow Americans.

Reid had simpletons to hurl vile bile of their own, warning that the American right doesn’t care about human lives and, if elected at any level in the future, they will never surrender power again.



“We begin The ReidOut tonight with a stark warning on a much more serious note, on a stark warning that the insurrection on our democracy is still alive and sadly thriving. What we saw play out on January 6th was just the beginning,” Reid began, opening with yet another callback to January 6.

Reid explained the GOP represents a “slow-rolling insurrection is now unfolding in front of our very eyes and we should all be very concerned” about them because their “ attacks on our democracy are happening state by state” to ensure that they can steal future elections.

Throwing in “fear-mongering over issues of race and boogeyman, like critical race theory, to scare particularly white voters,” Reid used selective memory to paint gerrymandering as a Republican ploy to win “far more seats than they deserve” with Georgia being one example of an “apartheid democracy.”

A few minutes after hilariously insisting it’s the GOP who possess “unquenchable thirst for power,” Reid told Republican-turned-attention-seeking Resistance fighter Olivia Troye that the GOP will illegitimately take power in 2022 as they “bioengineer Republican victories.”

Troye joined in, ghoulishly claiming over 70 million Americans “don’t care about our democracy, the Constitution, the rule of law,” or the lives of “Americans” when “all they care about is themselves” and Donald Trump.

The conversation further drifted from reality when Reid told MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance that the GOP could best be described as “autocracy 101 that the autocrats party is not subject to the laws...and so, if you have a political party that, at this point, believes that they can simply steal enough elections and rig enough elections,” then they’ll either “reintroduce the autocrat” or someone else to ensure American turns into “an insurrectionist society.”

Likely still reeling from his August humiliation on HBO at the hands of Ben Shapiro, Nance painted right-of-center Americans as an “insurgency” that will use “terrorist action” to permanently seize power (click “expand”):

What we’re seeing here is, and I think we’re using the wrong word, and you’ll have to apologize if I keep emphasizing this word, we are not in a slow rolling insurrection. The insurrection has happened. We are in the slow rolling insurgency and that is a series of insurrections, political actions, battling, and taking the fights off ,,of the halls of power, moving them into the states, into the streets through populist movement or through political or terrorist action to create chaos for a government with the intent to seize power and never give it back. And that’s where we’re going. 


What we have here is the political wing of the Republican Party now coddling and embracing the very people that attacked democracy if this — if the election is lost next year, the Republicans take the House of Representatives, those people will become your future — you know, your future congressmen, will become your future leaders in the Republican Party and host on other conservative news channels calling themselves political prisoners. You will see the end of representative American democracy. They will seize power. They will not give power back.

Before a break, Reid instructed viewers that more Democrats needed to be told of how the right should be crushed because America’s “a kakistocracy in the making, and we’ve seen this happen before” as “the tea party was out there hanging Barack Obama, President Obama and having n-word signs and just blatant racism calling him a monkey and everything else, next thing you knew, tea party people are all over Congress.”

Bidding farewell to her panel, Reid had one final warning shot meant to tear families and neighborhoods apart solely on the basis of politics: “They’re mainstreaming white nationalism, violence instead of politics, all of it and there’s nothing happening to them. It’s wild.”

MSNBC’s dangerous painting of all non-Democrats as terrorists who lack any regard for human life was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Chase and Fidelity. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant MSNBC transcript from November 10, click here.