Hot Air Hammers MSNBC for Falsely Claiming the Benghazi Cmte Is the ‘Longest Running Investigation’

April 20th, 2016 3:12 PM

Hot Air editor Jazz Shaw offered an excellent piece on Tuesday completely debunking the false claim put forth on the Friday edition of MSNBC’s All In from fill-in host Steve Kornacki that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is the “longest running investigation” of its kind.

Hoping to use a bogus chart to bolster his fib, Kornacki stood in contrast to even the liberal site Politifact as they debunked it back in October when the Clinton campaign trotted out this line for the media to seize upon. 

Here’s what Politifact found in their investigation that resulted in a “False” rating: 

The clearest way to measure this is to look at when a special congressional committee dedicated to a specific investigation officially began and ended. By this measure, this claim is wrong. While the Benghazi investigation has lasted about 17 months, we found other investigations that lasted 30, 40 and even 90 months. And the number of longer investigations only goes up once probes by permanent committees are included.

For those curious, Politifact cited four such examples of congressional select committees that lasted far longer than the one looking at Benghazi, ranging from the House Select Committee on Assassinations (30 months from 1976 to 1979) to the Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program (90 months from 1941 to 1948).

As Shaw put it, “math is hard” for liberals sometimes, but not knowing the difference between 14 and 90 months can be hard to discern “in the era of Common Core maths.”

Further, it’s particularly striking that Kornacki had the boldness to chide the committee tasked with investigating the 2012 terror attack only one week after the State Department surrendered over 1,100 pages related to what transpired inside the Hillary Clinton-led department.

Shaw later concluded with a thought on the media doing the bidding of Clinton (whom MSNBC’s Joy Reid believes have been conspiring against her for decades):

It’s a good thing Hillary Clinton has so many members of the press on her side to keep these fantastic tales coming. There’s an election to be won and we wouldn’t want any inconvenient truths getting in the way of a good campaign advertisement, would we?

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