The Great Howard Dean Coverup

June 28th, 2006 2:04 PM

When President Bush has an accidental slip of the tongue, the establishment media makes it a front page headline, but when the chairman of the Democratic National Committee says something outrageous in prepared remarks, they all suddenly experience hysterical deafness. 

Yesterday, DNC Chairman Howard Dean called the 60’s “the age of enlightenment” and called for a return to the morals of that era during a press conference.  Not only did Dean praise an era best known for sex, drugs, racial strife, and declining church attendance, he even had the gall to hypocritically condemn giving power and authority to the government.

 “We’re back in the 50’s, in the McCarthy the time where there was an authoritative government that thought they deserved everything, and that nobody needed to know anything.  And, we’re about to enter into the 60’s again..into the age of enlightenment.” Dean said, calling for a return to the 60’s “moral, uplifting vision.”

And, yet, despite Dean’s unique spin on history and view of where America/>/> needs to be heading, the mainstream media didn’t see fit to publicize his remarks.  Reporters were there at the press conference; didn’t any of them hear him?

Or, were they just afraid to report Dean saying something that might make Democrats look bad to the public?