The War for Taylor Swift’s Vote Has Already Begun

December 30th, 2023 1:05 PM

Taylor Swift may regret 2023 ending.

Not only did it mark her most successful year to date, including a smash box office concert film, it meant she’ll be asked to do more than just sing in 2024.

She’ll be recruited to help President Joe Biden win a second term.

Sound farfetched? In September, California Gov. Gavin Newsom predicted Swift could play an outsized role in the 2024 election season.

“What she was able to accomplish in getting young people activated to consider that they have a voice and they should have a voice in the next election, I think it’s profoundly powerful.”

MSNBC didn’t wait for the new year to suggest just that. The far-Left outlet uncorked a reasonable op-ed about Swift’s sway over the 2024 presidential campaign.

At the very least, it’s difficult to see how it would hurt the 81-year-old incumbent to appear on the campaign trail with a 33-year-old superstar who has her finger on the pulse of young America and is the most beloved cultural icon in the country.

The writer argues she could change enough hearts and minds to impact the expected Biden-Trump rematch.

The Hill trotted out a similar argument earlier this month, including specific plans to aid Biden.

A more conservative approach to improving the likelihood of a Biden win may involve general nationwide calls to vote. A more aggressive intervention could include a complete endorsement of President Biden, potentially accompanied by joint public appearances or participation in private fundraisers.

And Democrats will need every ounce of Swift’s influence. 

The media and Democrats, but we repeat ourselves, won’t be able to lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop this time ’round, and Biden’s mental decline is getting harder to cover up.

Incumbent presidents can, and should, run on their records. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? The answer for the vast majority of Americans, of course, is [bleep] no. 

The term “Bidenomics” alone will be a handy cudgel for GOP strategists. Have you bought food or gas recently?


It’s why Swift’s name will be mentioned frequently in connection with Biden’s re-election campaign.

Will she take the bait?

Swift spent much of her career avoiding politics entirely. That changed following Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory in 2016.

Yet this year she reverted to her apolitical stance as she criss-crossed America in her Eras Tour and watched her career reach unprecedented heights. Will she risk that by personally dragging Biden over the finish line?

Her youthful fans will shrug off the attempt. Others may not be as forgiving. 

Bud Light 2.0?

Should Swift stick to her apolitical mien you’ll see her fawning media coverage dry up. Even beau Travis Kelce might feel the sting.

When she failed to pick a side in the Trump-Clinton slugfest media outlets played the White Supremacist Card against her.

This time, reporters might be even nastier.


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