Behar and Kathy Griffin: Religious Groups 'Self-Righteous' and 'Hypercritical,' 'Most Fun' to Rip On

February 18th, 2010 9:28 AM

Kathy Griffin is once again gunning to be the most crudeoffensive, and downright disturbing comedian on air.

On Feb. 16, she appeared (appropriately enough) on Headline News Network's "The Joy Behar Show" to promote as much of herself as humanly possible: her recently released stand-up DVD "She'll Cut a Bitch," her appearance in an upcoming Law & Order episode as a lesbian rights activist (which she claims will garner her an Emmy), and her live comedy act at Madison Square Garden where she'll be "worse than she's ever been."

Behar and Griffin squeezed in as many offensive statements as possible in the excruciating hour-long advertisement, and were feeling especially spiteful toward religion last night (but when isn't that the case?).

Griffin told Behar that her new Madison Square Garden act is full of "gifts from baby Jesus," her phrase for new jokes. The act, she said, is going to "offend a lot of groups," but the group most likely to be targeted will be religious people. They're the "most fun" to tear apart, Griffin said, because they "sell the most tickets and books." Behar was quick to jump on that bandwagon, saying that they're also "self-righteous" and "the most angry." Griffin readily agreed and added "hypercritical" for good measure.

Behar, of course, never misses an opportunity to belittle Christians and conservatives, and traditional ideas of moralitysexuality and marriage.