Laughable: Joy Reid Claims No Constitutional Basis for Opposing D.C. Statehood

June 23rd, 2021 2:55 PM

MSNBC host Joy Reid’s “The Absolute Worst” segment has simply become another way for her to whine about conservatives who oppose her radical agenda. On Tuesday evening’s episode of The ReidOut, Reid smeared Republican senators as the absolute worst for their attempts to “decapitate our democracy” by opposing D.C. statehood. 

Reid started the segment by promoting Mayor Muriel Bowser's blatantly false claim that “there’s no legal or constitutional basis for excluding the residents of the district, with the population higher than Vermont and Wyoming, and one that’s currently 46 percent black from having a say in the Democratic process.” However, it is obvious that the real reason Democrats want D.C. statehood is for the senate seats. It is all about more power, not actually helping the people.



Reid also claimed that Republicans are “mostly using the excuse of how Democratic the district already is,” when arguing against statehood. Although it is true that D.C. is largely Democratic, there is also a strong constitutional basis for the opposition of statehood for D.C. First, the founders created a federal district for the seat of government to preserve federalism and prevent one state from gaining too much power over the federal government, at the expense of other states. Granting statehood to D.C. would completely undermine federalism and the Constitution. 

Yet, Reid accused Republican leaders of hating Democracy and whining about D.C. when in reality they are the ones fighting to preserve the Constitution which is after all the supreme law of the land. She even admitted that conservatives have “no business lecturing anyone about our democratic process.” Reid's outrageous comments clearly show that for the liberal media, anti-democratic is actually synonymous with anti-leftist. 

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Below is a transcript of the segment, click “expand” to read:

The ReidOut


7:57 p.m. Eastern

JOY REID: For just the second time in history, the Senate held a hearing on legislation to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state. The D.C. statehood bill has already passed the House twice. And the Biden administration supports it. And today, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser made a case for equal representation for the more than 700,000 residents of the district.


MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER (D): Senators, we ask you to right the wrong that occurred some 220 years ago when the residents of the District of Columbia were stripped of their full congressional representation, and we ask you to do it now.


REID: Bowser argued there’s no legal or constitutional basis for excluding residents of the district, with the population higher than Vermont and Wyoming, and one that’s currently 46 percent black from having a say in the Democratic process. Since D.C. has no senators and just one delegate in the House, who can’t even vote. Naturally, Republicans are against the bill, mostly using the excuse of how Democratic the district already is. Just over 5 percent of D.C. residents voted for the disgraced former president last November. And at today’s homeland security hearing, the usual suspects, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson and Oklahoma’s James Langford offered up more bogus arguments like D.C. is too rich for statehood.


SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): There’s certainly poverty here, but this district is not made of many disadvantaged individuals. This is an elite group of people here. They have a vested interest in the power of the federal government.

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OK): It’s been well-known that when you move to Washington, D.C. at any point, you’re moving to an area that doesn’t have a-- two senators or a house member. That’s a volitional choice. No one is compelled to be here.


REID: It’s actually Ron Moscow’s little helper, the percent of D.C. residents living in poverty is higher than in Wisconsin, and Senator Langford didn’t address how it disenfranchises a third of native-born Washingtonians who were overwhelmingly black residents. Anywhomst, there was Missouri Republican Josh Hawley whining about how the bill undermines our democratic process.


SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO): It is a fundamental premise of our democracy that the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. What Congress cannot do is override the Constitution any time it becomes inconvenient for a majority in Congress.


REID: Yes, yes, yes. As we all know Mr. Fist pump to the insurrectionists, trying to decapitate our democracy has no business lecturing anyone about our democratic process. But for that, he and his fellow Republicans who seem to really dislike democracy especially when it applies to the black folks in the district, in other words, and otherwise, for those bad faith arguments against D.C. statehood, you are all tonight’s absolute worst.