Brace Yourself: More Propaganda to Follow

August 15th, 2006 9:38 AM
On August 13, a columnist for the Palestinian Territories' government newspaper surmised that Hezbullah's victory opened the door for a revived Palestinian intifada, as reported by MEMRI.
"This is an important moment, that the Palestinian resistance must seize. It benefited from [a similar moment] at the beginning of the Al-Aqsa [Intifada], when the West Bank and Gaza spoke the Lebanese language, after they had long been immersed in American and Israeli illusions. And following [the Al-Aqsa Intifada], the incomplete [Israeli] withdrawal from the Gaza Strip was carried out.
What do you know, but it would seem that today, the wires are teeming with photographs of Palestinian "youths" (all men in their 20's, from the looks of it) throwing stones at IDF soldiers. I haven't seen any photographs of Israeli troops yet, but expect to see the standard formulaic shot of a Palestinian "youth" throwing a stone at a heavily-armored Israeli tank. I'd also expect that we won't see any photographs of the terrorists who are doing any of the actual shooting at the Israelis, but we're used to not seeing that by now, right? I'm sure that, as this "revived" intifada progresses (did it ever end?), we can expect to see many fine examples of the most one-sided coverage ever to cross the wires. I'm also sure that, as usual, the press will neglect to do any investigation into the connections between these terrorist groups, and that once again, we will fail to get any reports trying to find out the genuine root causes of these events: Iran! UPDATE 10:00 EST: I've rounded up all of the available photos of this "new" intifada. UPDATE 10:43 EST: To nobody's surprise, Hezbullah has already violated the cease-fire. I'm sure the international condemnation of Hezbullah (and the Lebanese government that does nothing to stop them) will sound something like this: